Visitor Registration

Track and register all visitors within an organized online platform to adhere to visitor management processes and policy requirements.

Manage visitor registration within GuardTek’s online platform. Eliminate messy paper visitor logs and accurately capture visitor information in seconds. Identify, track and manage all visitors in your building to ensure that visitors are safe and secure. All visitor information is accessible in real-time and can be exported and printed in case of emergency or evacuation.

Reduce security threats and screen against unwanted visitors. Client-entered scheduled visitors or visitor groups can be added with custom forms for personalized greetings. Administrators can create group profiles for their visitors so that security guards know which visitors need badges and passes. Administrators can designate who can approve certain types of visitors. Administrators may also create employee/tenant and contact lists and store them in a centralized location.


Provide your security team with real-time access to current visitor lists and visitor management processes. With a single click you can access your visitor log in the GuardTek portal. Administrators can analyze visitor information and run database queries to report on: hours of attendance, number of visitors and recurring visits from businesses. Customized options for processes are available to meet your business’ diverse security needs.

Products That Have This Function

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GuardTek m-Post

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Web-based officer management system utilized on personal computers.