Security Operations & Management

Improve productivity, reduce costs, and manage your security workforce more effectively by automating internal processes through web and mobile technology.


GuardTek is an end-to-end solution for security operations and management. Our solution can help managers and administrators respond to, report on, and analyze security guard activities. Administrators can also manage emergency dispatches, field incidents and investigations from start to finish. Improve service delivery and quality from your workforce and demonstrate your value to stakeholders.

Manage your security officer operations with the robust set of tools available through the GuardTek platform. Track your security team in real-time, capture time and attendance, monitor guard tours, track assets and materials, and instantly distribute post orders from your centralized GuardTek dashboard. The GuardTek platform can also help expedite communications between officers, supervisors and stakeholders.

GuardTek Post
GuardTek m-Post

Capture important security officer data using the modules in the GuardTek portal. Use the collected data to track performance at individual or group levels for performance reviews, incentive programs and efficiency audits. Improve efficiency, accountability and profitability by managing your workforce with intelligent software.

Products That Have This Function

GuardTek Post Web based Occurrence Book

Guardtek Post

Web-based officer management system utilized on personal computers.

GuardTek m-Post

GuardTek m-Post

Feature-rich mobile security application deployed on smartphones and tablets.

GuardTek Patrol

GuardTek Patrol

Mobile application for real-time guard touring functions.