Security’s role is to protect the business from threats and ensure the safety and security of the assets and people within the organization. But without true visibility and risk mitigation, the statistics are staggering.

2 Million

Each year, over 2 million people experience some form of workplace violence.

1 in 7

One out of every seven employees feel unsafe going into work each day.


The CDC says that 40% of employees suffer from mental issues and substance abuse from the past year.


Workplace violence results in $130 billion lost every year that impacts both employees and businesses.

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Mitigating the Risk of Violence Should be a Top Priority for Corporate Security

Top priorities facing corporate security professionals for 2021:

88% – Implement a Risk Management Solution to Identify Threats

Building a proactive solution to look at incidents, analyze the potential risk of hazards and harms to build action plans that effectively break the statistics of workplace security is priority #1.  Solutions that can take incident data and analyze for future threats become paramount in driving better security, safety and lowering the risk of physical and financial damage as a result.

86% – Implement Solutions and Training to Prevent Workplace Violence Risk

Understanding the imminent return to normal operations in many businesses, corporate security professionals are seeking solutions to help security teams identify the signs of potential workplace violence risks and effectively de-escalate before they even happen.  Having a solution that offers real-time communication and notifications on incidents and events such as these become a major factor in the safe return to work for organizations.

Don’t be a part of the Statistic – Let’s Remove the Risk Together

Trackforce Valiant’s comprehensive risk-based security management solution is designed to empower your team with the ability to identify, mitigate, and prevent security risks before they happen.

Gain Real-Time Visibility Into Your Operations

In today’s ultra-connected environment with evolving security threats, having a properly trained security team or security guard provider isn’t enough. Trackforce Valiant provides you with real-time data on potential security risks, including incidents, guard tours, and visitors to ensure site, people, and asset security.

Mitigate Your Team's Risk Across All Sites

Track, monitor and engage in real time with your team – remotely or on site. Using a GPS-enabled smartphone, security guards can perform guard tours, capture incidents, and process visitors enabling you to provide them with air cover from a centralized location.

Keep Eyes on Your Team With Remote Supervision

Remotely manage operations to ensure that people and assets are safe and protected. From guard tours, post orders to visitor management, Trackforce Valiant’ features come out-of-the-box enabled to meet contactless interactions and remote supervision.

Maintain Ownership and Control Over Your Data

It’s your data – you should own it. Trackforce Valiant gives you the freedom to own all data collected by your team or security providers in the field. Track security across different geographies with peace-of-mind knowing your data is yours. Regardless of the security guard provider you choose to use, we’ll enable you to better benchmark all your sites.

We Provide a Powerful Security Workforce Management Platform Fully Configurable to Meet Corporate Security Needs

Command Center (GSOC)
Gain a real-time aerial map view of your security teams and operations across multiple sites.

Mass Notifications, Push-to-Talk and More
Streamline communications between you and your team with multiple ways to communicate, including mass notifications, Push-to-Talk, messaging and more.

Lone Worker Protection
Ensure your remote workers are safe by having any solo guard on patrol request immediate assistance for emergency situations.

Configurable Reporting
Create configurable activity and incident reports to meet all requirements unique to your industry and organization.

Real-Time Dashboard with KPIs and Analytics
Fully configure a real-time dashboard for a unified view of all security activities throughout multiple sites with actionable insights into KPIs and Analytics.

Smarter Guard Tours
Deploy NFC, QR or geolocation checkpoints along guard tours giving you real-time tracking insights to keep guards accountable.

Real-Time Post Order Management
Distribute workforce instructions and make changes in real time, always ensuring correct procedures are followed.

Streamlined Visitor Management
Set up visitor approval, generate recurring visitor lists, and create visitor badges with ease from a smartphone or desktop computer.

Guard Tours

Beyond Powerful Features, Discover Our Exceptional Value

Local U.S. Customer Support

Local Customer Support

We offer customer support in the U.S. and on five continents, ensuring that you and your users have access to a knowledgeable specialist during your business hours and in your language.

Highly Configurable

Security requirements and threats are never the same. That’s why our experienced customer success team will work with you to configure the system to achieve your goals.

Customer Value Driven

We are not just selling you features. Our team will work with you on a complete solution that provides you with true value that'll move your organization forward.

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