Boost Productivity With the
m-Post Security Guard App

m-Post is a mobile app built for on-site and mobile security officers to increase their productivity and accountability.

“m-Post is very user-friendly, unlike the system we were using before.”

Alejandro Flores Romero (Operational Manager U.S. Embassy in Mexico City), Inter-Con

More Productive Officers & Improved Operational Efficiency

Security officers are the frontline, but without the proper technology, it’s challenging for them to keep up with tasks and guard tours ensuring the protection of people and assets. The m-Post security guard app ensures officer accountability, improves operational efficiency and enables better communication between officers, operations, and corporate security management.

Security Officer Benefits

m-Post is an intuitive app purpose-built for security officers. Everything they need lives right on their mobile device, so it’s easy to be productive and proactive.

Never Miss Anything

From post orders, report templates to GPS & NFC technologies, officers are guided step-by-step through their assigned guard tours and are enabled to complete their shifts efficiently.

Motivate With Recognition

Hardworking officers are recognized as their performance is measured in real time encouraging them to do their best work.

Modernize Your Security Services

Attract new talent and encourage officers to do their best with cutting-edge yet easy-to-use security software.

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Operations Manager Benefits

Once officers are armed with m-Post, our software tracks and generates metrics in real time. Operations managers can improve efficiency and manage more sites while maintaining a high standard of service.

Increase Productivity

m-Post increases officer productivity by over 30% giving you the opportunity to grow your business, not your headcount.

Keep Officers Accountable

Always know where your officers are and validate KPIs in real time so you can recognize and incentivize the high performers.

Prove Your Value

Customizable reports provide full transparency as clients get insight into workforce productivity and performance proving your value.

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Corporate Security Management Benefits

Contracting a security company for officer services is a significant budget line item, but do you have insights into their KPIs? Trackforce allows security companies to share metrics with their clients in real time.

Optimize Security

KPIs provide full visibility into the security situation to be able to reallocate resources where they are needed the most.

Stronger Relationship

Full transparency into the security provider’s activities increases trust and ultimately improves the working relationship.

A Standardized System

One solution across all sites (even internationally) simplifies proper benchmarking and facilitates reporting to executive management.

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Powerful, Essential Tools

m-Post comes fully functional right out of the box empowering security officers to stay on top of their duties.


Completely customizable incident and activity reports streamline communications between all stakeholders.

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GPS and NFC technology ensure officer accountability and help them to be more efficient on guard tours. Real-time monitoring gives operations and management insights at all times.

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Get rid of traditional time clocks or paper timesheets and easily capture everything online.

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Streamline visitor check in and check out. Customize visitor profiles and get real-time access to visitor lists for review or emergency alerts.

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Ensure security officer safety wherever they are with the GPS/NFC-enabled Lone Worker Protection feature enabling them to request immediate assistance.

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Be constantly aware of your security situation and unify threat analysis across multiple sites with a Command Center.

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Our live dashboard is fully customizable for operations managers, giving all stakeholders access to the information they need.

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Post order management allows operations managers to distribute workforce instructions or make changes in real time.

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Track and locate officers outdoors with GPS and indoors with NFC tags, and dispatch based on proximity and availability for alarm responses or medical emergencies.

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Arm Your Security Officers With the Right Tool for the Job