As the security industry at large moves forward together, we have worked to provide innovative and relevant information that serves to drive business momentum. That is why Trackforce Valiant, and Silvertrac Software have joined forces to provide top-notch security industry information tailored for the security professional.

Thinkcurity is an online learning and networking community bridging the gap between industry thought leaders and physical security professionals alike. Featuring informational content covering all aspects of the security business, Thinkcurity is the hub for industry professionals seeking enlightening and resourceful information about their industry.

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We strive to offer our community thoughtful and engaging information for all operational levels. From small business security operations, enterprise-level security, to in-house security, Thinkcurity is dedicated to your business success. Visit our About Us page to read more about our mission.

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About the Author

Christina Ortega is the Content Marketing Specialist for Trackforce Valiant. She aims to deliver valuable content that addresses key issues facing the security industry – and offers insights into the latest solutions being taken to confront them.

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