GuardTek Patrol

The perfect solution to modernize guard touring, activity reporting and more. Deploy NFC tags along patrol routes and use mobile devices to send real time data on activities to a centralized system. Replace antiquated wands with a powerful and ruggedized mobile device.



Guard Tours & Patrols

Scan NFC tag checkpoints at strategic site locations using mobile technology sending real-time updates via email.

  • Validate tours in real-time using survivable tour tags
  • Deliver detailed, accurate tour logs
  • Provide peace of mind to stakeholders

Incident Reporting

Customizable incident alerting software streamlines the entire process and enforces consistency using messages that include multimedia and text.

  • Create customized tours per site linked to specific alerts and notifications.
  • Add photos as evidence of observations or situations
  • Real-time report engine keeps online history and eliminates need for paper reports

Event & Activity Reporting

Eliminate paper reports and centralize information online. Capture or schedule officer activities in real-time from any site.

  • Combine with GuardTek Post to enable access from both mobile device and PC
  • Build customized, automated reports for any compliance or customer requirement
  • Provide centralized access to stakeholders to build trust and credibility

Time and Attendance Tracking

Easily capture time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing, labor law compliance, and insight into workforce productivity.

  • Track time for officers by site and shift to maximize efficiencies
  • Increase accuracy and improve compliance with overtime laws
  • Real-time alerts enable immediate supervisory response to coverage issues

Geolocation & Officer Dispatch

Locate officers online at any time and dispatch appropriately for an alarm response or medical emergency based on proximity and availability.

  • GPS identifies officer presence in real-time
  • View status, availability, proximity and estimated drive times to incidents
  • Document task acknowledgements, progress, and completion status in real-time

Lone Worker Protection

With Lone Worker Protection technology solitary officers can send immediate assistance notifications for emergency situations triggered by falls, device impacts or other criteria.

  • Provide safety to individual workers in emergency situations
  • Use GPS data to locate workers in need of help quickly
  • Lower risk and liability for industries with lone worker requirements

Full Feature List

Customizable Report Templates

Real-Time Activity Transmission

Customizable Alerts & Notifications

Multi-Site Capable

Reporting and Metrics

Append Images to Reports

Officer Status Monitoring

Interative Real-Time Maps

Third Party Integrations

Multi-Lingual Support

Software as a Service

Message Center

NFC Reading

GPS Geolocation

Setup via Web Configuration Portal

Global GuardTek Platform Product