A general assumption in the security industry is, “the larger the area of responsibility, the more complicated it is to secure.” With properties that can range anywhere from 40,000 to over 3 million square feet in size, properties in the hospitality industry have many security challenges. A state-of-the-art guard tour system can help ensure your property’s staff, assets, and above all, guests are protected.

Security patrol software like that offered by Trackforce Valiant can seamlessly combine the efforts of your entire staff—from front desk personnel and managers to security officers—so that risks are kept to a minimum. The best way this is accomplished is by accurately tracking security officers on the property.

Embrace The Power Of Modern Technology

A security officer is only as good as the tools you give them. The Guard Tour System from Trackforce Valiant is one of the most powerful tools in the security industry. It renders the antiquated practices of paper logs and “wanding” entirely obsolete. A Guard Tour System uses technology so that officers can perform their rounds with real-time monitoring using nothing more than a smartphone.

For supervisors and hotel administrators, Trackforce Valiant’s software allows guard tour checkpoints to be monitored with ease. A customizable dashboard allows supervisors to monitor officers accountability and ensures all tours are being completed as tasked. If a guard skips a checkpoint or an incident occurs, a notification is automatically sent to the dashboard. With digital documentation and guard monitoring, response time is not only minimal, but officer accountability and productivity are maximized.

With geolocation and the ability to scan QR and NFC codes, shareholders at every level of the organization can rest easy knowing that all checkpoints are being covered. Daily Activity Reports can be generated at the end of guard tours that include GPS tags, photos, and even video.

Faster Response Times Means Fewer Threats

Another security assumption is, “the faster you can respond to an incident, the less harmful it is.”  Different sectors of the hospitality industry will have its own emergency action plan. While no two plans are identical, they all are similar on one thing—the faster security officers can respond to an incident, the better. With Trackforce’s geolocation and dispatch tools, the security patrol software allows supervisors to see who is entering and leaving checkpoints in real-time. This means that—should an emergency arise—there will be no question as to who the closest officer is. That reduction in response time translates to safer, happier guests and staff.

Efficient monitoring and officer tracking does more than just reduce response time; it can also inform supervisors best practices for training development. Knowing how long it takes individuals to get from one checkpoint to another, how much time they’re spending in geofenced areas, and how vigilant they are at completing each task can be used to create customizable training modules that are effective. In turn, your officers will be more accountable and the communication between front line security personnel, supervisors, and shareholders will be seamless.

Hospitality Security Doesn’t Stop With Guests And Staff

It’s important to keep the officers as safe as possible too. The Guard Tour System provided by Trackforce Valiant adds an incredible degree of personal safety for your officers as they make their rounds.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. The Lone Worker solution from Trackforce Valiant ensures your officers stay as safe as possible. The same GPS-capable smartphone that officers use to track checkpoints during their tours can also be used to activate an alert should an emergency arise. It’s as simple as tapping a button. But what if something happens to an officer and they’re unable to trigger an alert? Supervisors can set up notifications so that if an officer remains stationary for too long, they’ll automatically get a heads-up.

how to optimize safety and security
A robust guard tour system can help protect more than just guests and staff members.

Access Control Is Key

For the hotel industry, an average hotel has around 130 guest rooms, not to mention dozens of additional conference rooms, or offices. Some of the world’s largest resorts have over 7,000 rooms on the property. Not every door is meant to be opened by guests who walk through the front entrance. Managing visitors is one of the tallest orders hotel security can face.

With Trackforce’s visitor management system, each person who will be visiting the property can be vetted ahead of time and have an access badge waiting for them when they arrive. This not only makes checking in quick and seamless, but a badge also ensures they’re only accessing the areas they’re supposed to be.
Should an emergency come up, users will be able to print out a list of all visitors and their locations with the push of a button. This makes evacuation and accountability as efficient as possible.

A security incident on hotel property is not only hazardous to guests, but potentially catastrophic for business. Those responsible for the safety of guests and staff will want to use the best tools possible to maintain that safety. The guard tour system from Trackforce Valiant will keep your organization on the cutting edge of the hospitality security industry. Contact Trackforce Valiant for a demo today to see how you can take your hotel security system to the next level.

Be Prepared for Any Emergencies

The larger a piece of property is, the greater the security challenges in the event of an emergency like a terrorist threat or fire. By that rationale, emergencies in hotels could progress into full-blown catastrophes if a hotel security system isn’t equipped with the best software possible.

In the event of an emergency, Trackforce Valiant’s Command Center provides a real-time, aerial view of your officers. You’ll be able to dispatch with maximum efficiency, even if your hotel security team is responsible for multiple locations.

Not all properties are created equal. As such, the security needs for those properties will also be different. Trackforce Valiant has nearly 30 years’ experience in evaluating and providing security solutions to its clients. To see how they can help enhance your hotel security system, request a demonstration today.

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