Comprehensive risk management is vital to any security provider regardless of industry. Tracking security incidents in real-time is only one part of a comprehensive risk management strategy. A proactive security plan works best when security providers get value out of their incident reporting tools. While it’s true that reporting templates and standardization make it easier for security officers to complete their duties, a thorough report will show clients that you provide a professional and accountable service.

Why Does Comprehensive Reporting Matter?

A comprehensive report integrates information with security risk management. The information your officers gather on the ground must go somewhere – this is where powerful analytics comes into play. Information collected from multiple client sites are evaluated for common incidents, such as reoccurring events. Analytics capabilities will do the work as your dashboard reflects common incidents and common issues per site that can be addressed as part of your security risk management plan.

What’s The Cost-Saving Benefit To You?

Instead of treating all sites in the same way, commonly reported events can help you identify which sites need attention and which need less. Identifying at-risk areas also helps you establish trust with your clients. Your clients depend on you not only to provide protection on all fronts but to show them where they can improve in their security. A security provider is part of a client’s approach to comprehensive risk management – improving their approach to security depends on how you integrate technology with measuring security success. Reporting software does the heavy lifting for you with technology that works to improve your security approach. When you have the right tools to do the job, you better serve your clients needs and grow contracts without increasing your overhead. Your workforce is more efficient with their time and will maximize productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

Streamline communications by digitizing security officer activities
View reporting analytics in a customizable dashboard

How Does Your Workforce Benefit?

Security officers are your eyes and ears on the ground and aid in preventing incidents before they happen. Officers get a feeling of recognition when their comprehensive incident reports becomes part of any risk management solution – their efforts are rewarded when they know they’re input is valued. When officers send reports containing time stamped photos, GPS location of the incident and other valuable information, their efforts become more than just a document of record – they become evidence and help identify repetitive at-risk areas.

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