College and university campuses pride themselves on being picturesque and safe places for students, faculty, and visitors. But maintaining that safety isn’t easy. Security on campus requires a system of tools and resources that work together seamlessly. Campus security officers are among the most important of these resources, as well as their ability to efficiently and accurately report incidents.

Campus security monitoring is more important today than it ever has been

In years past, a college or university was judged by the quality of its professors, academia, and track record of creating successful professionals feel safe when on campus and communicate their safety records openly.

Accurate incident reporting makes possible to manage safety concerns and stay transparent in showing others how those concerns are handles. As colleges and universities are becoming more and more diverse, the potential for increased tension and violence is increasing security team and accurate incident reporting help ensure these altercations don’t escalate into truly violent outbreaks. 

Solid reporting can provide more than just physical protection

The obvious point of a security team is to protect visitors and residents from violence and other criminal activities. With a robust incident reporting tool, a security team can provide a different kind of protection to a college or a university—and one that often gets overlooked.

Solid incident reporting software like that from Trackforce Valiant can be used to create records of the incidents which may occur on university property. In addition, officers will be able to check in at designated areas as they make their rounds, and their activities will be permanently logged. This level of record keeping can help protect a college or university in the event of a legal dispute.

Specifically, this type of reporting ensures that a university is compliant with the Campus Security Act of 1990. The Campus Security Act (or Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act) mandates that all colleges and universities record any crime on their campuses and make those records readily available. The incident reporting software from Trackforce Valiant makes disclosing these college campus safety statistics easy, efficient, and accurate.

From scheduling officers to reporting incidents, security on campus receives a 360-degree treatment with the tools from Trackforce Valiant.

incident reporting software
Security on campus is vital to every major higher learning institute

Accurate incident reporting can help prevent future incidents

Accurately and efficiently reporting security incidents after they occur is important to a university’s operation; but what about preventing future occurrences?

Those same incident reports can also be used to build training and best practices for existing and newly hired security officers. Accurate reporting can help build a more unified relationship with local authorities, too. This ensures that campus security officers and local police, fire, and E.M.S. can provide the best response possible should a major emergency arise.

The software also allows officers to easily track visitors who may be going in and out of sensitive areas around campus. This ensures everyone is accounted for, keeping off-limit areas secure and making it easier to evacuate in the event of an emergency.

The Right Campus Security Reporting Software Can Protect Officers Too

The reporting capabilities of Trackforce Valiant can do more than just protect a college and its students and staff. It can also protect the security officers who have been tasked with providing security.

The detailed incident reports generated by the software can be used to see exactly which officers responded to occurrences. Based on these reports, supervisors can initiate training and coaching, as well as praise and rewards accordingly. In the end, all officers will operate with the same efficiency, vigilance, and accountability to all expectations. Communication between officers, supervisors, and campus administration will also become more streamlined and productive.

When officers are on patrol, a real-time dashboard allows leaders to keep an eye on all activities and the whereabouts of the officers. Many college campuses can be as large as several square miles in size, so the ability to maintain real-time campus security monitoring of all officer locations and activities can be an invaluable tool in the event of an emergency.

Any time you have a location that brings several thousand people from various backgrounds together, the potential for security issues is going to increase. Colleges and universities know this better than perhaps any other industry. That’s why the most successful institutions equip a highly trained security team. But a security team is only as good as the tools it uses to get the job done. Trackforce Valiant and its dynamic campus security reporting software can provide the reporting capabilities and other tools needed to keep students, staff, and visitors safe. Contact Trackforce Valiant today for a consultation, and see how you can take your campus security to the next level.