The purpose of an integrated hotel security system is to deliver protection without interrupting guest experience. Yet, how many hotel security systems out there empower the workforce that are tasked to maintain and manage security? Without a comprehensive security workforce management solution, there is no guarantee that security personnel and staff will be accountable with access control, CCTV monitoring, proper incident reporting and more, placing employee and guest safety at risk.

Increase Productivity and Workforce Accountability

Hotel safety and security is only as strong as the system it uses to manage its workforce. While hospitality executives have established an ESRM approach to general security management, integration is at the heart of supportive safety measures. Research shows that security executives who integrate a security workforce management platform with their overall hotel security system is able to better coordinate access control systems as well as surveillance systems, since those at the heart of ensuring coordination are able to perform their jobs more efficiently. Technology that verifies the accountability of employee tasks and security personnel post orders ensures that the organization upholds a holistic security outlook.

Establish Secure Access Control and Visitor Management

As any hotelier or hospitality security executive knows, an organization that establishes a secure access control system knows who has currently entered and who has left the property. A comprehensive security workforce management system will have or will be able to enhance an existing visitor management module. Proper visitor management is essential when verifying authorized or unauthorized third-party vendor access based on credentials or permission levels. Or, a system can be used to manage and control maintenance or cleaning staff access to guest rooms as well as manage employee access to VIP common areas, like pools, gyms, or other leisure venue.

Ensure Proper Risk Mitigation, Safety, and Compliance

Hospitality security is known for maintaining strong requirements and compliance measures set by the government, governing boards, or other oversight committee. As such, the industry deals with numerous factors, like threats from vandalism, fire, or natural disaster, that is unique to hospitality. Efficient security starts with a knowledgeable security team trained to handle guest safety with respect to guest comfort while also adhering to safety and compliance in the event of an emergency or high-stake incident.

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