The hospitality industry has become one of the most technology-heavy enterprises on the planet. Today’s top hotels rely on technology to provide the best possible guest and safety experience during every step of their visit. It only makes sense that safety and security in the hospitality industry be just as strong on the technology front as it is for other industries.

Hotels have inherent risks that likely won’t be going away any time soon. While guest safety should always be paramount, threats like break-ins and theft will always rear their ugly heads. In addition, the success of a hotel or other tourism property depends on making guests feel safe and secure. Even something trivial like a loud or disruptive guest can have a substantially negative impact on a property and guest experience. But a good hotel security system can keep those issues to a minimum. The future of safety and security in the hospitality industry depends on software for efficient workforce management, like that offered by Trackforce Valiant.

Share Essential Reporting Information with Stakeholders for a Holistic Plan

One of your most effective tools in hospitality security services is information. When accurate information is shared with your officers and eventually your stakeholders, equally accurate, and holistic, decisions can be made regarding security operations. Trackforce’s robust reporting tools can provide that accurate information and deliver it to the appropriate stakeholders. As a result, you’ll be able to maximize your operation’s strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Trackforce’s officer reporting software makes it easy to create customized reports that can be tailored to a property’s specific needs. Generating those reports is as easy as scanning a QR or NFC code. Want to add a GPS location, audio file, or time-stamped photo to the report? Trackforce Valiant makes it easy to do that, too.

Ensure Proper Security Officer Training and Response

Not only is all that data easy to access, but it can be used to positively enhance security operations in your specific organization. Nobody likes to focus on shortcomings, but those areas of opportunity can help drive future officer training and scheduling needs. Petty theft and break-ins are among the top issues hospitality security services face. The right data can ensure your officers are patrolling the right areas at the right time so those issues are kept at a minimum.

Keep in mind that hospitality security doesn’t fall squarely on the shoulders of security officers. It’s the responsibility of every employee in the organization. The same reports that can help drive the behaviors of your officers can also be used to train and manage your front desk staff, maintenance team, concierges, and more.

Incorporating Security Measures to Provide Top Safety and Security in Hospitality Industry

Front desk staff members and concierges are already experts at providing great customer service, and incorporating security measures into their behavior doesn’t have to be a drastic step. For example, simply making sure your staff is diligent in greeting each guest they come across and offering assistance can help identify non-guest individuals who may wander onto your property while still upholding a positive and professional atmosphere.

Access control is a major challenge in providing safety and security in the hospitality industry.

Access control is a major challenge in providing safety and security in the hospitality industry

Another major challenge that hospitality services face is access control. Simply put, hotel properties must maintain appropriate access to doors, rooms, and passageways as not all of these areas are meant to be accessible to the public.

Trackforce Valiant makes it easy to ensure hotel guests aren’t strolling into areas of the property they shouldn’t be. What’s more, that same technology ensures officers are making their appropriate rounds. As a result, guest safety is maximized and stakeholders can rest easy knowing they’re getting what they paid for.

No matter what industry you’re working in, a sad truth is that not all security threats come from outsiders. Employees and internal threats can often do more damage to an organization than outside threats. A solid access control plan can keep these internal threats at bay, and quickly raise red flags when a situation does occur.

Be Prepared for Any Emergencies

The larger a piece of property is, the greater the security challenges in the event of an emergency like a terrorist threat or fire. By that rationale, emergencies in hotels could progress into full-blown catastrophes if a hotel security system isn’t equipped with the best software possible.

In the event of an emergency, Trackforce Valiant’s Command Center provides a real-time, aerial view of your officers. You’ll be able to dispatch with maximum efficiency, even if your hotel security team is responsible for multiple locations.

Not all properties are created equal. As such, the security needs for those properties will also be different. Trackforce Valiant has nearly 30 years’ experience in evaluating and providing security solutions to its clients. To see how they can help enhance your hotel security system, request a demonstration today.

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