Retail stores are amongst those who are often targeted for shoplifting. More than 10 million people have been caught shoplifting in the past five years with 57% of them saying it is hard to stop even after conviction. * To cope, more and more major retailers have chosen to invest in prevention and anti-shoplifting solutions.

Even though sensors, metal detectors, and anti-theft devices still have a bright future ahead of them and will not be going anywhere anytime soon, advances in real-time security technology now provide an extremely high-performance at a low cost.

Let’s take the French grocery store, Franprix, as an example. Franprix has chosen to install a network of highly sophisticated CCTV cameras connected to both the site managers’ offices and a central security command post for their 250 stores. On the dozens of screens, two security officers constantly monitor the actions of individuals in real time. As soon as a threat is suspected, or an offense is detected, they send an alert to the nearest mobile security team, which reaches the site on a motorcycle in less than 15 minutes. This use of real-time surveillance has made it possible for Franprix to reduce the number of shoplifters in the first months after the installation.

The use of a command center not only reduces the number of shoplifters but is beyond effective in monitoring officer activity and keeping track of the number of incidents. A command center pays itself in the long run as the constant awareness help identify shoplifters, saving the retail company millions in profit.

Loss prevention isn’t an easy task for retailers which is why major brands are investing in innovative and effective technology solutions to reduce the amount of theft and financial losses each year.

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* National Association for Shoplifting Prevention