Security executives must identify threats that risk a company-wide security initiative.

Whether you manage security for the manufacture of computer hardware, automotive vehicles, aviation components, or food products, one thing is for certain: as the corporate security executive, you work hard to initiate a company-wide safety and security response plan that is comprehensive and all-inclusive to business continuity. Yet; when manufacturing security is at risk from threats, how will that affect the business continuity of your organization? Identifying security and safety risks and finding solutions to manage them are essential components to any comprehensive, and holistic, business continuity plan. Let’s take a look at a few areas that make up such a security plan.

Identifying Security Risks Specific to Your Sector

At the end of the day, while the commonality among security executives remains the same, that is to maintain safety and security, a business continuity plan is specific to the needs of each manufacturing sector. These needs require that security executives identify potential risks with a keen eye to specific industry needs and compliance. As the 2020 Coronavirus disrupted the safety and security of many manufacturers, causing a few to reorder their supply chain, the direct threat of this rising pandemic put at risk the very foundation of manufacturing – the health and safety of employees. Ultimately, a direct threat impacting the safety of your employees impacts the security of your organization. A business continuity plan is put to stress and can be a determining factor for how well it can stand to life-threatening emergencies. Yet, those tasked with upholding safety face direct risks that can upend any security executive’s response plan.

Below are only a few risk factors that all security executives must consider when developing a comprehensive business continuity plan:

  • Pandemic: such as human influenza or the Coronavirus
  • Natural disasters: such as floods, storms, or fire
  • Global disruptions: such as interruptions to transportation (air) traffic, global illness (like pandemics), regulatory and government policy disruptions
  • Security: such as theft, fraud, intellectual property loss, cyber-threats (both internal and external)

Managing Security Risks to Ensure Optimal Manufacturing Safety

It’s the job of a security executive to make time to think about the best solutions for preventing safety and security risks at their manufacturing site. How are risks likely to happen? Are they internal or external risks? Who might be involved or affected? These are just a few questions to help motivate a holistic approach to security – and to help start putting together a comprehensive business continuity plan.
When talking to our own VP of Customer Success, Manuel Mestre, about the challenges and benefits our clients in this industry face, the biggest concern always falls back to having a reliable response system. Security executives need to be assured that their workforce is trained and accountable enough to uphold any regulated risk management plan.

“Our clients always talk about how satisfied to have a platform that’s capable of integrating with their already established security plans. And, in a few circumstances, our clients have sought after a solution that adapts to their growing risk management response plan, especially those who meet strict reporting requirements.”

To mitigate and put a cap on risk requires consistent testing and evaluation to help pinpoint issues. Often, manufacturing safety plans can become siloed between departments as responsibility is placed solely on security personnel. The biggest challenge lies in evaluating security response among all departments and ensuring a system is in place to help manage employee and security personnel’s response to risk.

Partnering With a Comprehensive Security Workforce Management Solution

Any safety plan requires a partner who specializes in ensuring that those tasked with satisfying security needs are able to successfully do so. Trackforce Valiant’s security workforce management software helps security managers and executives mitigate risks before they become dire incidents. By monitoring and tracking the security situation in real-time, security executives can rest assured that their business continuity plan is being upheld. Want to know more about how Trackforce Valiant can serve your industry? Schedule a guided demonstration to tour our customizable solution.