Change is scary, especially when it’s your security company’s operations on the line.

Yet, the future of how security guards operate is shifting, and successful security companies are already adapting with security workforce software. Security workforce management will be affected as well as officer dispatch, shift scheduling, reporting, and more.

  1. Partner with Experience

Business transitions are made simple when you partner with a professional who’s in-depth experience has helped security companies have stronger, more efficient operations. Trackforce’s software takes care of security company needs. Plug-and-play security solutions can take care of daily operations to support guard tracking, DAR and incident reporting, guard training, and more. They help you avoid the learning curve of starting from scratch, and they are less complicated, and less risky, than do-it-yourself methods.

  1. Improve Your Daily Operations

Analytics are crucial. Pay attention to the whole picture; when you select a single-purpose application for scheduling, a different one for reporting, and another one for guard tours, you risk creating a disconnected system of applications that will be difficult to manage. In the end, you may have specific needs served, but what you won’t have is efficiency.

Having different systems tends to mean that your data is also separated. To access it, you must cull it from each system and consolidate that information. The process is time-consuming, and you risk introducing mistakes through human error. You could work on separate integrations for those systems, but that would cost you additional resources and open opportunities for failure.

However, if you choose the right security workforce and activities management platform, that all changes. Efficiency goes up because you enable consistency in data. With data flowing uninterrupted between security guards and back office personnel, it’s easier to identify trends and gain business intelligence that may impact your operational efficiency.

Streamline communications by digitizing security officer activities.
Security guards can view tasks on a mobile device.
  1. Manage Security Guard and Staff Costs

Eliminating duplicate or separate efforts helps reduce your security expenses. If you had multiple systems, you have to purchase different licenses for each one. Investing in multiple systems will undoubtfully increase your operational overhead and the cost savings you initially hoped for might turn into a loss. And remember that multiple systems will require more training sessions which will keep your staff from providing services to your clients.

To be successful in introducing a new software for security companies, training is essential. Proper workforce training helps personnel become comfortable with the security workforce software your company decides to use. Don’t be left to rely on an intuitive interface or an introductory seminar. Hands-on training helps to introduce new technologies and ensures that all the features and capabilities are fully understood. With Trackforce, you won’t have to worry about proper vendor training and on-boarding – we’ve got that covered.

  1. Increase Profits & Net Margin

Any business must calculate profit and improve operational costs. By centralizing your software spend with a single solution, you will put your company in a position to improve operational costs and your overall net margin. In addition to the savings from centralizing your operations, you also save time you would have spent juggling multiple software suites.

Partner with Trackforce for Success

There are many options for security operations management software. Each vary in their handling of security incidents, risk mitigation, overtime expenditure, and cost. Yet, only one option offers a comprehensive solution. Make sure the right platform meets all your requirements and can give your operations  actual benefit.

Trackforce is a comprehensive security workforce and activities management software that fits the bill.

  • It gives you the ability to view and control your security operations from a single platform.
  • It provides valuable insights and analytics so that you can make informed decisions, every time.
  • It helps you save staffing costs and increase profit, putting you in a position to improve operations.

Let Trackforce help you streamline your security operations, saving time and money. Request a demo today.

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