After attending the biggest security tradeshow of the year, the Trackforce Valiant team has had much success debuting its new front-line and back-office solution set aimed to guide and optimize security companies and corporate security organizations. Top clients and security companies stopped by the booth to chat with our sales team about why the security industry needs the innovative technological suite that Trackforce Valiant has to offer.

The Game Changer for the Security Industry

When, in some cases, one plus one makes three, you know that a disruption is happening for the security industry. Combining front-line vigilance with back-office intelligence is only the start. We spoke with Roberto Reyes, a current customer, about why he chose Trackforce Valiant to help make his business more productive, more efficient with scheduling, and most importantly, safer. Maintaining safety components into a system made to guide security guards not only helps them be safe but directs the guard to make safe actions during emergencies – ultimately ensuring their activities are always risk-free. Here’s a snippet of that conversation:

Guard Safety Leads the Way for Productivity and Business Optimization

Push-to-talk, lone worker protection, and real-time guard tracking is only the start. Business optimization helps companies grow – and worker safety is a critical part of the puzzle. Bringing it all together – the front-line and back-office parts that make a business succeed – is all set in motion by actually protecting the guard. From tracking guard movement and actions to delivering a proper level of service to clients – and ensuring that they’re getting a good return on their investment – is stronger when security companies and corporate security organizations maintain risk-free operations.

Companies and Corporate Security Managers are Looking for Preventive Measures

Leading the conversation at our booth were questions about best practices to ensure security guards have the tools and guidance needed during emergencies and critical incidents. Our team is proud to say that the Trackforce Valiant suite is the only purpose-built solution equipped for the security industry. This means that tracking, monitoring, and identifying potential threats are built-in to our solution’s components, offering clients peace-of-mind and confidence during emergencies or critical incidents.

Best practices for controlling security operations are with a Command Center or a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). Our team demonstrated the strong level of connectivity and communication that’s capable when security companies and corporate security organizations link to local authorities. Having the ability to contact authorities from a central command center not only saves time, it saves lives. When emergency situations escalate, supervisors can easily guide a security guard’s actions, step-by-step, and take command of the situation until first responders are on the scene.

Summary: Security Guard Safety is Critical for Business Success

GSX is the largest security industry tradeshow for a reason. Our team finally had the chance to meet our clients and customers in a face-to-face setting, allowing us to personally know how Trackforce Valiant brings their company value. Among the innovative technologies and security solutions at the show, the underlying factor was safety. Safety for companies, organizations, and ultimately security guards and personnel. We were happy to join the conversation and welcome any questions you may have.

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