Managing Your Workforce Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science

When security guard firms onboard new hires, it goes without question that those they’ve hired should be up to date with all certifications and qualifications. Yet, not every guard firm can say that their chosen HR team is equipped for the task – instead, most opt to do things the old fashioned way and end up opening a door to potential security risks, not to mention liabilities. When working to prevent unnecessary financial costs, like unbilled overtime, security firms should also give equal weight to the HR software used to hire employees. The potential liabilities that may incur from not ensuring that a new hire’s credentials are up to date are too great for any security firm to disregard.

Filter Top Talent Applicants to Only Show the Best Candidates

While hiring managers can be credited for knowing who and what to look for when filling a position, it’s only a matter of time when natural human error can overcome even the best. To help reduce that risk, security firms should look for an HR software solution that does the heavy lifting.

You want your hiring managers to make sure that new hires are qualified and are a right fit. Trackforce Valiant can help your HR departments reduce human-error risks while also reducing the amount of time it takes to seek fully qualified candidates. Here’s how:

Fully View a List of Applicants

The HR management module is purpose-built just for the security industry – this means that security firm owners and hiring managers don’t have to use disparate systems to manage their hiring needs. Hiring managers can view and track qualified candidates using one access point for all aspects of employee management. This includes: posting positions, viewing current applicants, and accessing all relevant hiring information for the potential hire.

Have the Entire HR Process Streamlined From Start to Finish

Once hired, the HR management module allows for a cohesive human resources solution that manages employee onboarding to retirement. With employee tracking and onboarding, your hiring manager can organize employee profiles and manage benefits in a safe and convenient location.

Maintain Accuracy When Performing Human Resources Duties

Accuracy is key for any security firm; but when dealing with employee information and personal benefits, it’s imperative that there are no room for errors. A security firm at any established level must plan for complying with employee requirements, in addition to managing the stresses of client and contract retention. So how does an HR management software fit in the scope of things? When it comes to managing your workforce, a comprehensive HR management system fit for the security industry will resolve several issues; turnover and employee trust, saving time and money in recruitment efforts:

Retaining Talent and Reducing Turnover

As one part of an entire ecosystem that is your business, reducing workforce turnover is part of the game. Competing with other security firms for top talent is only part of the turnover issue. The rest is up to you.

With the Trackforce Valiant HR management module, your hiring managers can record personal and performance-based attribute to award good workers, maintain compliance with employee training and certifications, comply with federal regulations for employee benefits, like the affordable care act, and more.

Establishing Employee Trust with the Freedom to Access their Personal Information

Accuracy is only as good as the system you implement to catch what you don’t see. Providing employee access to their personal information will not only establish trust but will act as a trusting handshake between you and them. Why? When you show your employees transparency, you’re really providing a space where they can feel trusted and appreciated. Trust and appreciation among your workforce will help reduce turnover and can help reduce the risk of internal retaliation.

The Trackforce Valiant HR management module allows employees to have a “self-service” portal where they can access:

  • Time and rates paid, hours worked, and PTO access
  • Pay statement history
  • Electronic leave requests
  • Tax forms (like w-4, w-2, 1099, ACA, and annual compensation statements

HR Management Solutions Tailored for the Security Industry

Having the right solution made for your business operations ultimately reduces the need for disparate systems that don’t talk to each other. Use the best practice for streamlining your human resources needs from hire to retire; and provide your workforce with the same value and attention you provide them when managing their front-line duties.

Have questions about how Trackforce Valiant can help improve your operations? Hop on a discovery call to learn more.