The Importance of Having a Security Operations System with an Open API

Some say that rules are meant to broken (or at least bent a little).

Few business elements benefit from this concept more than the software used in daily operations. The Application Program Interface (API) used in building software is simply the set of rules and protocols associated with that specific software. If those rules and protocols are set in stone then that particular piece of software won’t play well with others. That’s why it’s important to utilize open API software applications where you can in your operation.

The most basic benefit of open APIs is that they allow businesses to pull the most current and accurate data possible. That allows businesses (like Trackforce and its clients) to build additional software, tools and applications that can help streamline operations. Ultimately, APIs allow programmers to build tools that allow virtually anyone that touches them to more effectively do their jobs. That kind of adaptability can result in savings and enhancements that put a lot more cash in the pockets of company stakeholders.

So how can a company see those kinds of savings and enhancements with regards to their security operations systems?  Let’s take a closer look at the GuardTek solution from Trackforce and you can see for yourself.

The GuardTek solution from Trackforce has an open API, and it can easily be integrated with the existing software used by a variety of business elements. The end result can be some pretty substantial cost savings and efficiency gains. Here are a few case study summaries that show how GuardTek solutions can integrate with existing systems to not only save time and money but also improve efficiency and streamline processes that have been traditionally complex.

In one case, a large property management company with 60 locations used a software called Building Engines, which happens to be the leading property management software in the field. This property management company also uses Trackforce to manage the security operations at all of its facilities. The challenge the property management company faced was how to integrate information gathered during guard tours into their existing Building Engines software. The outbound emails from the GuardTek solution were easily integrated with the Building Engines platform and the problem was solved. The company’s security and maintenance were effectively connected, and the result was thousands of dollars in savings for the property management company.

In another case, a security company charged with the physical security of a major airport needed a way to integrate GuardTek information with their existing payroll software. Using an open API platform, Trackforce worked with the security company to develop a system that integrated payroll hours and employee information into the payroll software, and it did so in real time. As a result, the security company has drastically reduced the number of hours it spends on repetitive, tedious tasks.

In the final example, a large security company was using Resolver. Resolver is the leading software in incident and risk management and it’s used by many of the Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. Once again, the open API of the GuardTek software allowed Trackforce to seamlessly integrate guard tour information and other important data directly into Resolver.

The result?  A much improved, cost-reducing process.

The GuardTek solution from Trackforce and its open Webservices API is easily adaptable to meet the specific needs of the company it’s working with. Whether the data needs to be integrated with other systems in real time, minute, daily, weekly or monthly, the GuardTek solution can meet that need. It doesn’t matter what existing systems the company has in place, the open Webservices API can work with them. Some of the common business elements that the GuardTek solution frequently integrates with include:

  • Payroll
  • IT Service Management
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Help Desk
  • Incident Management

If your company has a need that isn’t on this list, contact Trackforce; there’s a good chance the GuardTek solution can still be integrated with your existing systems. Any integration work will be thoroughly analyzed by the Trackforce team and priced based on the specific needs of your company.

Technical Requirements

If your company is interested in the GuardTek solution and you’re considering integrating the data into your existing software systems it’s important to have a grasp of the technical requirements of using the applications.

All communication is HTTPS/TLS encrypted, and while the exact details of the versions and cypher suites vary depending on the client’s browser capabilities, companies can rest assured that Trackforce will use the strongest parameters available to transmit data, and outdated standards (like SSL) will not be allowed.

The minimum requirements to use the GuardTek solution include web access and a computer running a modern operating system (Windows 7 or newer) and a modern browser (Internet Explorer 10 or newer, or the latest version of Google Chrome).

For mobile access (specifically for use with GuardTek’s m-Post applications) you’ll need an Android device running Android Gingerbread or newer (2.3 or higher). The device will also need to be equipped with an NFC reader. A device with an accelerometer will allow for the use of GuardTek’s Lone Worker Protection features and a GPS chip will enable the geolocation and dispatch functions. Finally, mobile devices will need data service and/or Wi-Fi connectivity to enable the mobile transfer of data.

The GuardTek solution from Trackforce is easily adaptable and can be integrated into your company’s existing software. The range of features and applications makes it a dynamic tool, capable of reducing the costs and improving the efficiency of your security operation. To find out the full potential of those cost reductions and efficiency gains for your company, contact Trackforce today.