Being in charge of corporate security and ensuring that assets and people are protected at all times can be a daunting task. That is especially true if you’re responsible for the security of a corporation that has multiple locations nationally—or sometimes even globally!  With the kind of complicated logistics that accompany dispersed operations, a security operation will need to deal with various types of threats, different cultures, and unique situations.  What an operation needs is a solution that is adaptable but still allows for standardization so that all sites can be compared and benchmarked.

Trackforce can deliver the tools necessary to accomplish that task, and more, with our enterprise security software solutions.

Trackforce has been offering security workforce management solutions to enterprise clients for over 20 years.

We get it—drastically overhauling your approach to enterprise security can be a scary idea. Many companies are concerned with the cost associated with such a move. Some companies will counter this by taking a phased approach and rolling out new technology a stage at a time. For example, you could start with some basic security guard tools then later find a vendor for digital reports and so on. The problem with that is you end up juggling multiple systems; each with their own inefficiencies and associated management costs, impacting your budget harder in the long run.

Trackforce has been helping enterprise companies streamline their security workforce holistically for more than 20 years. Our security workforce management software is designed to help your company make a significant change in your physical security operations. And those costs we mentioned? We can help keep those down, too.

Streamline communications by digitizing security officer activities
View reporting analytics in a customizable dashboard

How does a holistic approach to enterprise security help me meet compliance requirements, improve security risk management, and manage security workforce scheduling and training?

Trackforce takes a holistic approach to enterprise security by helping companies do everything from tracking guard tours to managing access by visitors and personnel, and improving communication with company stakeholders, and much more.

If your industry has compliance standards that, for example, require the strict management of access to facilities, Trackforce can help. You as the security end user will be able to see in real time exactly who is granted access to your site and where they’re going. From clients to contractors, our enterprise software let’s you know, from a centralized location, exactly who enters your facilities.

If you work with a security contractor, Trackforce’s enterprise security client dashboard will allow you to quickly get a handle on risk management. The detailed analytics reporting capabilities will allow you to view where your security contractor’s efforts may be falling short so you can quickly and accurately address any vulnerabilities before a situation arises. Plus, the system is fully customizable, so no matter what threats your company may face, we can help.

As someone who is in charge of enterprise security, you most likely manage several facilities. One solution across all sites (nationally or even internationally) simplifies proper benchmarking and facilitates reporting to executive management. Many of our clients use our system globally in different languages and customize it meet each site’s unique requirements.

Plenty of enterprise customers have benefited from Trackforce’s experience managing enterprise security. Our expertise will ensure that you’re partnering with an industry leader in security workforce management. Request a free consultation today to see how Trackforce can help your company take a holistic approach to managing your security.