You want to offer the best for your customers or corporation – yet, many businesses have yet to benefit from the data that’s right in front of them. Your security officers collect information everyday; so why not benefit from it? Using the data and analytics your officers gain untaps critical information about your business. Here are 3 tips to capture your data before it falls into the abyss.

Know That Timing is Crucial

When you have a reliable platform in place to digitally capture and analyze activities and events, preparing for potential incidents is much easier. This kind of “deep diving” into the data collected by security personnel or employees shows you which security threats arise most often, allowing you to make informed, and smarter, decisions. The longer you choose to use methods that can’t collect data, the longer it will take to provide better service, and, ultimately, benefit from the daily interactions your security personnel have with your customers.

Understand the Data & Analytics You’re Getting

The insight drawn from your security workforce can provide guidance for everything from how many security guards are really needed for a shift, to maintaining security guard equipment, to knowing how to best protect at-risk areas — without a way to collect data from the work your employees do, you risk losing out on key business factors. Decision makers might draw incorrect conclusions about your business performance, or you may end up wasting resources attempting to fix an issue that isn’t fully understood. Ultimately, efficient data gathering leads to solid insights, which can be used to create effective strategies for your operations.

Start Optimizing At-Risk Areas

Trackforce’s security workforce management system can help eliminate the antiquated and error prone system of generating hard copy reports or risky spreadsheets. Online templates secured in the cloud will allow security guards or employees to organize, record, and store real-time data, making it easy and secure to access and analyze down the road. Decision makers will be able to review past data by any number of useful categories relevant to your business. They’ll also be able to review the specific actions taken to resolve the situation and to see how long it took to respond to the call. From there, strategic adjustments can be made as necessary.


Let Trackforce be Your Guide to Stronger Data & Analytics

Digital technology that handles data and analytics can make the difference between efficient and nonexistent business intelligence. Don’t let your hard work fall into the cracks – optimize your operations today.

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