Help Your Security Operation Stand Out In 2018 With Trackforce With a Cloud-Based Platform

The security industry saw many trends in 2017. The responsible and successful business (even those that are not in the security industry) will study those patterns and adjust their business plans accordingly for 2018. This article is intended to highlight a few of the trends seen within the security industry and provide some useful insight regarding the importance of instituting a cloud-based information system into your operation.

Why should the cloud be an integral part of your security operation in 2018?

“Physical” security isn’t just physical anymore. The most current, competitive, and subsequently profitable systems are what can only be categorized as cyber-physical. That means that companies are inheriting both the rewards and the pitfalls of the digital world.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud computing have dominated the security industry over the past couple of years. Security providers are likely to (and should) continue to embrace more network connected devices for their guards and IT technology for administrative roles. A cloud-based system improves operational efficiency and provides accessibility, safeguards, and scalability at levels that have proven to increase both the security provider’s and their client’s return on investment.

In 2016, the global cloud-based computing market churned a wallet-fattening $23.3 billion in services. Estimates show that by 2020 that market is going to grow to more than $68 billion, annually. Depending on how you look at it, that’s either a lot of opportunities or a lot of dough left on the proverbial table. Estimates show that 90% of all organizations will institute some type of hybrid infrastructure management system. That means that not only should your security operation be on that bandwagon, but it’s also likely that every client you serve will already have comfortable seats of their own!

What are the benefits?

For security companies, in particular, the benefits of cloud-based information technology services are plentiful. Administrators and supervisors can test systems remotely, perform maintenance tasks, or even reset systems if need be. One of the most significant benefits for security companies and their clients is the ease of personnel management. Guards can be remotely scheduled (and adjusted) based on the needs of the organization, and the credentials of all the personnel at a given property can be managed from a single computer, provided there’s an internet connection available. This level of service translates to some serious revenue opportunities for security providers, and some serious peace of mind for their clients. After all, the cloud’s mantra is “always on, always accessible,” and that means that any business entity that operates in the cloud is an indispensable asset to the clients it serves.

Some of your potential clients may have some safety concerns, and they’re understandable. After all, some of their most critical and secretive data will be “floating” around up there somewhere, right? Those potential clients can rest easy knowing that cloud technology has evolved to a level where cybersecurity is capital among those businesses that rely on cloud tech. Data security safeguards like encryption, SSL certification and two-factor authentication provide a nice, warm blanket under which your potential clients can “sleep” soundly. Most cloud-hosted solutions will also feature some form of disaster recovery option, as well as automatic backups and scheduled updates so that the system is always loaded with the most up-to-date platform and protective measures.

Another great feature of the most current cloud computing technology is that it will usually integrate with existing hardware and software solutions. That means that your client won’t have to invest in new equipment or programs to get the benefits of cloud security. But that’s only half of that particular coin. With the right cloud service, you can also add new hardware and software easily. You can count on that gear integrating smoothly with the systems you’ve already got in place, reducing your client’s operating budget and further building the trust they have in your security operation. The key is to pick the right cloud-hosting solution.

So, what’s the moral of the story and the catalyst for your security company’s New Year’s resolution?

Offering a cloud-based information solution as part of your security operation is a win-win for you and your clients. You’ll have greater access to managing their property, making you and your guards better at your jobs and giving your clients more peace of mind. It will also enable you to offer new services as they emerge in the cloud market. It will keep you competitive and profitable, and your clients safe and secure. In the end, that’s what our business is all about.