Safety concerns for campus security and student safety are at a rise – and college campus safety statistics play a crucial part in ensuring your university stands out among others. Any security on campus must overachieve in safety tactics when it comes to creating a safe and positive space for any campus visitor. The good news is that available security tools have advanced right along with those expectations.

For those unfamiliar with the Campus Security Act, better known as the Jeanne Clery Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, the act passed in 1990 and requires all colleges and universities to keep records of any crimes committed on campus – and make those records available to the public.

Prospective students, and, more importantly, their parents/guardians, will consider college campus safety statistics that are low and that prove to be a safe learning environment. Students, faculty, and staff will expect that security on campus is armed with the most advanced tools possible when it comes to maintaining safety.

Effectively Tracking Visitors Is Essential To University Security

Unlike K-12 school security teams who have the benefit of tight access control using one main entrance, college and university security officers are burdened with large open spaces, multiple access and entrance points, and widespread sections open to all. A solid visitor management system can help control access to more sensitive areas on campus. The bottom line is that security managers must provide adequate security for those on campus – and must do so by accurately tracking everyone – from students and faculty to visitors and security officers.

Accurately tracking and managing visitors can help improve your college campus safety statistics.
Accurately tracking and managing visitors can help improve your college campus safety statistics.

Monitoring Residential Spaces is Just as Important as Monitoring Access Points

The safety of students living on campus resident halls, as well as those living nearby campus housing, means limiting access to areas on campus to a select few. Typical safety measures happen when campus security controls entry to a building as well as floors, rooms, and, in some cases, elevators. Proper visitor management starts with a front desk area inside a resident hall staffed with security personnel trained to offer preventative measures against safety risks.

Streamline visitor management and improve your college campus safety statistics.

With an efficient visitor management solution, security officers can streamline the process of checking visitors into sensitive areas, control access, and track visitor locations through an advanced system of badges and check-in processes. Customizable badges can be created and tracked from a computer or smartphone with different categories and even pictures of the visitors.

Knowing Exactly Where Your Officers Are Makes It Easy To Dispatch Security When Emergencies Arise

The possible threats to students and visitors on American universities present security personnel with some unique challenges that can potentially be more violent than universities in other countries. These unique challenges require security officers to train for emergency response and de-escalation.

A key to quickly responding to crimes on campus and maintaining positive college campus safety statistics is knowing where officers are. Using a geolocation guard tracking solution, supervisors can get real-time feedback as to where their officers are and dispatch them quickly when emergencies arise. Coupled with visitor management, officers will be able to pull a complete list of visitors on campus in seconds. The visitor registration process can be finished in just a few seconds with printed badges. In the event of an emergency, the badges and a sophisticated logbook, will allow security to track down and evacuate visitors quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Partner with the Most Comprehensive Security Workforce Management Solution

With Trackforce’s geolocation solution, supervisors can get real-time feedback as to where their officers are and dispatch them quickly when emergencies arise. Trackforce’s Guard Tour system makes campus security monitoring a breeze. The software will help ensure officers are making their required rounds and no facilities or campus areas are being overlooked. The GPS function will quickly allow supervisors to find an officer’s last checkpoint, making it easy to track them down in the event of a serious emergency.

This same technology will help hold officers accountable, improve college campus safety statistics, and make your university more attractive to prospective students.

The security and safety of university students, faculty, and visitors are two of the most critical undertakings an officer can assume. Contact Trackforce Valiant today to see about improving your college campus safety statistics.