When baseball season is in full swing, it’s always important to take another look at the issue of stadium security and how a security command center can increase safety for guests and security personnel. The largest stadiums and arenas can hold tens of thousands of people at maximum capacity. Stadium safety and security must be taken seriously to provide a positive experience for all attendees. While metal detectors and bag checks are standard practice for stadium security, helping to curb the presence of weapons, drugs, and alcohol inside, it’s essential for security teams to track and monitor guards, crowds, and other security personnel at all times.

Maintain Proper Surveillance Over Large Crowds

While you might also consider the use of surveillance cameras, as with the 2018 World Cup, cameras are only as useful as the security personnel behind them. When cameras and other surveillance equipment are gathered in a physical security command center, the most valuable measure you can take is the presence of on-site stadium security officers who are trained with an efficient stadium security plan. However, these officers have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of faces in the crowd to search through.

Secure High-Risk & Limited Access Areas

Locations of interest such as parking lots, restrooms, and restricted areas, like team locker rooms, must be regularly inspected at intervals. Officers must also be trained to respond quickly in the event of a fight or other incidents, reaching the scene as soon as possible to diffuse the problem.

The unifying theme here is the need for strong communication, guard tracking, workforce monitoring, and a central security command center. Stadium security officers must easily view their assigned shifts and posts, see the location of other officers, and send requests for assistance, especially if entering a secluded area. Keeping the lines of communication open to local authorities is essential; a security command center like Trackforce’s software, is designed to quickly communicate with local authorities in the event of a serious security breach.

Let Trackforce’s All-Inclusive Security Operations Management Software Centralize Your Security Management

Regardless of what stadium security measures you choose, security managers need a way to track officers’ actions. Dedicated security software such as Trackforce’s m-Post gives managers complete visibility and transparency into officers’ locations and behavior, helping them identify top performers and potential issues. For their part, officers can easily view their assigned tours, log their hours and attendance, and generate incident reports.

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