The security industry has shifted in over the 20 years Trackforce has been in business. Industries that adapt to new technologies and ways of operating improve their workforce management and stay competitive and profitable. Advancing business goals with a security workforce management system can help organize how you approach your business needs. For this upcoming year, let’s make it your business to have an efficient and reliable security workforce.

Begin by bringing back accountability to your workforce.

There are an estimated 20 million security officers worldwide with a majority working at commonly managed sites, like hotel lobbies, airports, and outdoor locations. It’s the supervisor’s job to ensure that each officer does their job. Supervisors monitor their officers’ day-to-day activities with real-time monitoring tools that track an officer’s accountability. In truth, responsibility is a skill hard learned – and it shouldn’t be the job of the supervisor to be an officer’s parent. Instead, supervisors can better administer an officers’ day-to-day tasks by streamlining how tasks are given, received, and acknowledged with digital post orders. Digital post orders work to make tasks and instructions simple for security officers to use and for supervisors to manage.

Learn to better manage security officer expectations.

Security officer turnover happens. Before it happens to you, ensure that security officers feel a part of a team. Supervisors can help bridge the turnover gap by providing security officers constant training about their role in the company, like delivering quality service and maintaining public safety. In the long run, if a security company is known for providing proficient training to their officers, it helps in their reputation in the market with current and potential clients. Also, because top notch training establishes trust and reliability, it can help alleviate stresses felt by supervisors and can ease security officer turnover. Security officer expectations rise when they become responsible for their actions. Have supervisors administer customizable training modules for officers that makes known your company’s expectations, values, and customer satisfaction goals.

Officers track data on the field with the mobile app
Real-time KPIs populate a customizable dashboard so that you only see the information that’s vital to you

Use the tools that top security companies use.

Efficiency starts by organizing guard tour data into valuable reports. Yet, knowing what to do with data from KPIs, guard tours, DAR, and incident reports are what distinguish top security companies from unreliable ones. Use the data you collect to improve your bottom line. Incident data or employee start and shift data, for example, can help determine better ways to divide work hours or determine how many employees are needed per site. Improved reporting efficiency starts with customizable templates that contain relevant site details. Accompanied by post orders, customized activity and incident reports make it a powerful tool for supervisors to manage an officer’s reporting habits, especially if report details are created in an easy-to-follow format.

Always look for technology that betters your business.

Expect workforce technology for the security sector to work better for your business. In the coming year, look for better tracking technology for your security officers, enhanced reporting capabilities that will provide you with data to improve your business, and improved insights made to enhance your business and better manage your workforce. Look for:

Software platform that is truly adaptable.

An adaptable software platform is one that can easily be customized to meet specific customer and industry specific requirement. Each industry and client are unique; find software that can help you comply with specific security requirements so that all you need is one system capable of handling it all. But it shouldn’t stop there ¬– For security officers spending most of their time with guard tours, having an adaptable software means real-time officer tracking with GPS and geolocation capabilities. For stationary security officers, as with those who work at a desk, adaptable software means having access to everything they need from an easy-to-use web interface. Ultimately, adaptable software is one that serves your needs and can be used to meet a myriad of requirements and use cases with ease.

Reporting that is instant.

Real-time reporting is immediate and allows you to take immediate action during those crucial moments. Reshape your standard of communication by controlling the way you receive information. Rely on cloud-based, safe, and real-time reporting to become your backup. When an officer tracks an event or incident at one of your sites, you and your supervisor are instantly notified, establishing a documented record that you can rely on when needed.

Data that you can analyze to better your business.

You need value from your sites to improve your overall business strategy and goals. Look for software:

  • That can handle and organize data into a useful report that’s customizable to your business needs
  • That can give you analytical insights into your daily operations enabling you to provide better security while improving your bottom line
  • Than can easily be exported and automatically shared with stakeholders

Use the information gathered from your security officer’s incident and activity reports and analyze what works and what can be improved. Better your business by becoming an expert in how you use the information gathered from your sites.

What does it mean to use a security workforce management system? Choose to make it the year you start creating an efficient security workforce.