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Trackforce Valiant's Smartforce - powered by Jobvite is a Talent Acquisition Suite purpose-built for the security guarding industry that takes the approach to attract the best candidates, engage your teams, and retain the people who care about your security operations by combining the power of AI and the human touch.

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Accelerate the Time from Hired to Scheduled.

Trackforce Valiant’s SmartForce – powered by Jobvite, empowers you to manage job applicants and hire new team members and feed that information automatically to the Employee Records within our system. This provides a simple and efficient way to recruit, hire, onboard and place your officers on the schedule and add them to payroll. Start today with a better hiring experience, increased recruiting efficiency, and making faster, data-driven hiring decisions for your security guarding company with SmartForce.

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"Using Trackforce Valiant, we have been able to accelerate the time it takes to find great officers and supervisors, onboard them quickly, get them on our schedule, and on a post. Having this all in a centralized system makes it easy."

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A Seamless Onboarding Experience That’s Efficient and Flexible

  • A central place for hiring managers at security guarding companies and their new hires to coordinate onboarding activities
  • Tailor the onboarding experience with predefined workflows based on the client, post, certification, and more
  • Get notified when tasks are overdue to drive on-time completion
  • Measure the impact of onboarding efforts such as time-to onboard, completion rate, and more
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