Increase Readiness and Reduce Response Time With A Physical Security Command Center

Monitor Your Security Situation and Unify Threat Analysis Across Multiple Sites From a Centralized Command Center.

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There Is No Better Tool for Ensuring a Rapid and Effective Response Than a Command Center.

Better Resource Coordination

Maximize the potential of your security officers by rapidly getting them where they are needed.

Increased Situational Awareness

A Command Center provides you with real-time intelligence about your security situation.

Improved Decision-Making

Visualizing a situation across time and place enables you to anticipate future issues more efficiently.

Your Entire Operations at Your Fingertips

Access the security command center from any web browser and get a complete view of your security operation. From officer location, shifts to critical events, the command center enables you to manage all sites from one central location be it locally or globally.

Come to Grips With Mission Critical Information

The Command Center displays critical operational information such as lone worker alerts, ongoing late/missed shifts, incidents, and workforce documentation so you don’t miss anything.

Keep Everyone Informed During a Crisis

Mass notifications and push-to-talk (PTT) allows you to provide assured rapid communication across your entire workforce in case of a critical event.

Always Know Where Your Officers Are

Thanks to GPS data, you’ll always see the whereabouts of your officers displayed on a map. Easily track officers’ current position or track historic GPS locations. For indoor locations, just upload an indoor floor plan and equip the site with NFC/QR tags to keep tracking officers.

Stay on Top of Shift Issues

Eliminate scheduling gaps and stay on top of coverage issues with real-time notification alerts in the command center when work shifts aren’t covered.

"Trackforce has been vital to our success and continues to go above and beyond to meet all of our objectives."

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“With Trackforce, we can prove to our clients that security officers are doing what they are supposed to.”

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“Since I introduced Trackforce to our security operation, it has proven itself as an invaluable tool in managing our security.”

Lewis Loveless, The Ageas Bowl

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