For hospital and similar healthcare facilities, violence and potentially dangerous incidents are part of the daily rounds. The healthcare industry is prone to as much as 70% of workplace violence – not including the several external factors that can contribute to the heightened threat. Healthcare security personnel and staff are the front-line defense against potential threats – which is why there’s no room for error when ensuring all workers follow through their assigned schedules. When hospital safety solutions include effective scheduling, patent safety is upheld and potential risk is reduced.

Minimized Potential Violence & Aggression

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are hot spots for aggressive behavior. Whether it’s caused by the stress of hospitalization, neurological disorders, or domestic issues that find their way into a healthcare facility, the likelihood of a violent incident is inherently higher in hospitals than in many other establishments. Hospitals need a highly trained and effective security team to handle these potentially violent situations and to ensure that visitor, staff, and patient security are a top priority.

Proper security guard & personnel training helps reduce workplace violence. Security guards on schedule must know how to react and handle violence and aggression that occurs in the hospital – especially when working with local enforcement overseeing patient custody. Developing and maintaining updated training to correspond with guard tasks and tours will ensure that any guard on the schedule is equipped to de-escalate aggression, and identify and prevent potential violence before it starts.

Eliminate scheduling gaps and stay on top of coverage issues with real-time notification alerts when work shifts aren’t covered.

Comprehensive Access Control for High Risk Areas

Many hospitals are made up of several buildings and multi-story parking garages that can span several acres. A security team at a healthcare facility is responsible for providing access control, visitor management, and incident reporting across the entire facility’s grounds. All visitors coming and leaving hospital grounds must be accounted for – this includes visitors and patients that are inside the hospital. Immediately knowing which guard is on schedule will reduce risk, since supervisors will know where they are and where they are supposed to be.

From patient security to efficient and accurate incident response, a rock star hospital safety system ensures that you have the right number of officers on schedule to effectively manage the security of a healthcare facility. For effective emergency management, schedules must be accessible on a daily, weekly, or monthly level to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. If a gap in coverage were to come up, supervisors must be instantly alerted in real-time so that the issue is quickly addressed.

Effective Coverage During Emergencies or Incidents

“The challenge with securing a hospital starts with the high volume of people entering and exiting the building at all hours of the day and lobby doors having to remain open.” – Matthias Ankli, Director of Corporate Marketing at Trackforce Valiant [Click to read more]

In the event of an emergency, especially those requiring an evacuation, hundreds of individuals will need to be directed and accounted for. Coordinating that many officers, as well as other hospital personnel, is no easy task. Effective coverage requires tracking guard location in real-time, ensuring quick and effective response to incidents. Knowing which guard is on schedule and where they are posted will help supervisors make split-second adjustments that will ensure that potential risks are addressed quickly, when an emergency arises.

See why a command center ensures the highest level of readiness and prevents the worst-case scenario with preparedness.

An All-inclusive Hospital Safety System Puts Patient Security First

Few industries rely on security more heavily than healthcare, and the key to effective hospital safety solutions is state-of-the-art scheduling. With a comprehensive hospital safety system, you can be sure that officers are performing their required tasks while staying compliant with labor restrictions, like mandatory breaks and avoiding unapproved overtime. The Trackforce Valiant software also makes it possible to set security permissions so that leaders can control access to any confidential information—a vital security measure, especially in the healthcare field.

Trackforce Valiant can provide the required tool to reach that goal, and with a track record that goes back nearly 30 years, you know you’re in good hands. Request a consultation today to see how Trackforce Valiant can enhance the hospital safety solutions in your organization.