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“What is the Future in Responding and Recovering from this Crisis for Security?”

This is the question posed in our Shift Cast podcast “Proactive Scheduling for Security”. In this episode, our host Tim Lozier chats with Jeff DiDominico and Nichole Rechner on how this new normal has impacted our top CEOs in the industry and offers solutions for how to overcome these obstacles using proactive scheduling.

What is Proactive Scheduling?

Most of the leadership is concerned with accessing programs, whether that be payroll or expanding their line of credit.

Projecting future scheduling helps companies to easily identify long term impact of lost paying and billing. This is proactive scheduling. Proactive scheduling ultimately provides an essential reporting guideline for weeks not yet worked.

The Trackforce Valiant TLM and scheduling side of our guarding suite allows companies to be more proactive in their scheduling – especially when running reports which will show insights on exact payroll and revenue loss. This ability is already part of the Trackforce Valiant TLM and scheduling side of our guarding suite and is especially useful for furloughed or closed sites, such as those contracted to secure schools and higher education property.

Find out more about proactive scheduling by visiting valiant.com.

About the Author

Tim Lozier is the VP of Marketing for Valiant Solutions. He has an extensive background in software technology, and has been involved in the development of leading-edge technologies and strategies for workforce management solutions. Lozier is responsible for fostering the direction of and providing strategic leadership for Trackforce Valiant’s comprehensive platform for security workforce management, with uniquely tailored solutions for the front-line security workforce management and the back-office Time and Labor Management, Payroll Management and Human Resource Management.

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