Visibility of sites and your workforce is an important thing. Pre pandemic, visibility was an essential part of risk mitigation. In this post pandemic new normal, if your clients cannot be on site, but your security team still is, you can leverage the Trackforce Valiant platform to provide true visibility and peace of mind. Here’s how:

  • Real-time updates to post orders: Deliver real-time post updates that will ensure your officers are always up-to-date. Receive confirmation alerts once post orders are read and accepted.
  • Visitor management with the help of NFC badges: Send updates to visitor manifests in real time limiting the number of visitors. To further reduce physical contact, leverage visitor badges supporting NFC technology to check in/out visitors.
  • Update clients in real time: To keep your clients informed of the security situation and to provide them with the extra visibility they need, make use of a live client dashboard.

By having a solution in your security department that promotes visibility and control, you are leveraging your best practices and domain expertise of your business to the teams that are contracted to protect it.

The Shift Cast: Ensuring Client Visibility & Peace-of-Mind During Shelter In Place

In this episode, our host Tim Lozier speaks with Jordan Lohf about how the Trackforce Valiant solutions can be leveraged to provide client visibility on remote workers.

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