Increase Efficiency With Leading Patrol Software

Patrol is a mobile app for security officers, making it easier to conduct guard tours while giving security operations real-time insight.

“Excellent tool. Very handy and eliminates the use of paper.”

Shahbaz Hussain, Transguard Group

Better Officers. Better Security.

Security operations are only as good as their officers. They are the ones to shield people and assets from security & safety threats. Without the adequate technology, it’s difficult for them to keep up during guard tours. Patrol is a guard tour system app that comes with powerful features ensuring officer accountability, improving operational efficiency, and enabling better communication.

Security Officer Benefits

Patrol was built to make the job of officers on tour more efficient. Officers are equipped with an app that motivates them to be as productive and accountable as possible.

Never Miss Anything

From post orders, report templates to guard tours, officers are guided step-by-step through their assigned tasks and are enabled to complete their shifts efficiently.

Easier Clock-in/out Method

Forget about paper timesheets, officers can start and end their shift with a click of a button straight from the mobile device.

Immediate Assistance

Officers are never truly alone with the Lone Worker Protection feature. Solitary officers can request immediate assistance in emergency situations.

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Operations Manager Benefits

Once officers start using Patrol, the app tracks and generates metrics in real time. Operations can now make effective security decisions and improve efficiency while continuing to maintain a high standard of service.

Increase Accountability

Always know where your officers are and validate KPIs in real time helping you evaluate officer performance.

No More Ambiguity

Real-time post order management ensures that officers are always clear on their orders and instructions are up to date.

Keep Clients Informed

Provide comprehensive security reports to your clients helping quantify the security services that you provide.

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Corporate Security Management Benefits

Trackforce provides a client dashboard encouraging security companies to share metrics with their clients as well as receive updates and alerts in real time.

Augment Security

KPIs and reports give corporate security executives full visibility into the security situation to be able to reallocate resources where they are needed the most.

Better Accountability

Complete transparency into the security provider’s methods and activities increases trust and ultimately improves the working relationship.

Standardize Across Sites

One solution across all sites (even internationally) simplifies proper benchmarking and facilitates reporting to the executive management.

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Powerful, User-Friendly Tools

Patrol comes fully functional right out of the box empowering mobile security guards to stay on top of their duties.


Ensure security officer safety with the GPS-enabled Lone Worker Protection feature enabling them to request immediate assistance.

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Our live dashboard is fully customizable for operations managers, giving all stakeholders access to the information they need.

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GPS and NFC technology ensure officer accountability and help them to be more efficient. Real-time monitoring gives operations and management insights at all times.

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Completely customizable activity reports (DAR) streamline communications between all stakeholders.

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Get rid of traditional time clocks or paper timesheets and easily capture everything online.

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Arm Your Security Officers With the Right Tool for the Job