What are the top security concerns facing guarding firms today? And what are their insights into the guarding industry post COVID-19?

These are questions every security guard firm owner is thinking about as situations are being reassessed – and as businesses struggle to make ends meet in a post COVID world. Despite the challenges security company owners may be facing due to the global pandemic – whether that be due to an influx of guarding service needs or a loss in contracts – business owners alike are always open to insights from other business owners like them.

The leading expert on gaining insights to industry news and exclusive information is none other than Jeff DiDominico, VP of Business Development – and lucky for you, he’s on the Trackforce Valiant team. In an exclusive with Security Magazine, Jeff DiDominico reached out to over 40 CEOs, Vice Presidents, and Executives of guarding companies to learn more on how they coped during the start of the pandemic and what they expect to face post COVID-19.

First Things First: Here Are the Three Top Issues Security Executives Faced Due to COVID-19

Business Adaptation
In the beginning months of the pandemic, guarding businesses learned the hard way about managing their workforce schedules, especially with some companies who experienced an increase in absentee guards. Those managing heavy-hit industries, like hospitality, were faced with an interesting turn of events. “The premium guard pool” arose from a few higher-end clients needing to keep officers “at the ready.”

New Revenue Streams
Specified state (even local) mandates – crowd control at supermarkets – physical distancing – these are all special tasks now required of this new normal. So much so that guarding firms have been able to boost a few revenue streams by offering these specialized services to their clients. It stands to reason that these new revenue streams will soon influence they type of training a guard company must be prepared to offer.

New Technological Convergences – AI and Physical Security
As the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the security space still is a somewhat novel thing, the use of AI for daily security tasks looks to be a not-so-novel thing in the future. We’re already seeing contactless technology to monitor and communicate with their team, with the help of robotics and other forms of technology. AI stands as the future of security, both in terms of cyber and physical. In a post COVID-19 world, intelligent systems and threat detection will help security company owners learn from experience and will help owners offer safer and more effective methods of securing the public.

What About the Future of Security? Insights on COVID-19 Impacts to the Industry

While some companies may be dealing with disruption to their receivables, others may still be working on receiving timely payments from their vendors. As business owners begin to look toward the future, living in a post COVID-19 world will obviously carry challenges – not to mention increased financial strains. So what can business owners do to review their contract rates? Lucky for you, we have a webinar and an insider whitepaper that provides essential highlights into the security company pay and billing rates – pre COVID. That way, you can have a strong baseline to start planning for the future of your business.

Read for Yourself - Jeff DiDominico’s Full Insights into Security Company Executive Concerns and Issues

Read up on the insights gained from Jeff DiDominico – the exclusive on Security Magazine.

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