The demand for retail security solutions is forecasted to increase about 7% every year around the world, meaning security services need to revisit their requirements, the demographics they serve, and the ever-changing landscape of technology. With demand expected to grow at such a rate, it’s never been more important for security teams and their employers to understand what constitutes true mall security.

The days of taking notes in a notebook or spreadsheets are long gone. Efficiency, responsiveness, and resource scheduling are key. By justifying the annual amount you charge your clients for security services, you prove to your clients that you have their safety and best interests in mind.

Communicate & Manage Your Security Personnel With Efficiency

There’s a lot that goes into managing a security team and all must be ready to ensure the safety of shoppers and staff. Some of the most important issues related to retail security include:

  • Lack of Communication (among security guards, supervisors, and other security personnel)
  • Maintaining Compliance (with loss prevention or security guard certifications)
  • Managing High-Risk Areas (such as parking lot security and other store areas)
  • Loss Prevention (reducing shrinkage)

A comprehensive retail security system needs to monitor and track security guards, loss prevention agents, and other security personnel with uninterrupted lines of communication. Trackforce’s Guard Tour System tracks your workforce in real-time, increasing productivity and accountability. Built-in support for push-to-talk, reduces the cost of additional equipment by eliminating the need for a walkie-talkie. Push-to-talk provides instant communication between centralized supervisors and guards on tour.

Maintain Up-to-Date Certifications & Compliance Measures

Security personnel who manage security guards must also ensure all personnel are properly trained for compliance and regulations. While each retailer has different training and regulatory requirements, never be caught off guard. With customizable security personnel trainings and certifications, retailers can make sure their team is up-to-date.

Being prepared for frequent audits that confirm guards’ knowledge of their specific duties under contract, and by developing and maintaining a transparent system, compliance is much easier to gauge.

Retailers that rely on contracted security firms should still monitor the training these security guards are provided, as well as any certifications they’ve received. This assists the retailer in knowing their guards are up-to-date on all necessary items, such as certificates and permits, during the time of their employment.

Manage High-Risk Areas & Prevent Loss

Security guards must focus on surroundings and to know what constitutes “out of place” as is the ability to quickly assess a situation and to act accordingly. Distractions should be minimized wherever possible.

For many retail locations, Black Friday is one day stores will see the high foot-traffic, sales, and theft. So how can a store or other retail location secure high risk areas on high-volume sales days like these?

  1. Staff accordingly – Ensure all security guards and staff are prepared and trained to manage high-volume guests.
  2. Widen entryways and exits – More injuries occur on Black Friday than on any other sales day of the year. You can ease this bottlenecking effect by making sure your aisles are spacious and that all exits are clearly defined
  3. Ensure you have an alert staff – Before you open the doors to your customers, make sure security guards and staff understand how important customer service is plus the importance of vigilance should they witness an unscrupulous act.
  4. Bring on extra security guards – Having an extra security guard or two can also help minimize shrinkage. Just having a security presence visible is enough to prevent most would-be shoplifting shoppers from committing the act.

Large retailers, such as Walmart, gear up for the current year’s Black Friday event the previous year. They gauge aspects of the sales event that went well, and address aspects that could be improved in upcoming years. Also, instead of having just one day of sales, Walmart opts for several days of sale priced items. This alleviates a lot of the strain placed on the chain as well as the consumer.



Prevent Loss and Manage Security Guards With Trackforce’s Retail Security System

Trackforce offers real-time monitoring, tracking, and reporting for your security needs all from one convenient dashboard. With Trackforce, your security personnel are able to include audio and video evidence in their reports, ensuring optimal safety for retail environments. See how Trackforce can help you maintain peace of mind. Request a Demo today.