Improve Campus Security with Trackforce Features

Campus Security Vehicle

Campus security deal with a wide range of security requirements, which is why the Trackforce platform offers many features that can be customized to fit any campus security needs. From real-time reporting to better visitor management, Trackforce is known for making campus security officers’ more productive and accountable. Here is a look at five key features that help your organization improve campus safety.

1. Customizable & Automated Reports

College and universities have had to comply with the regulations put in place by the Clery Act. Campuses must report all incidents that fall under the Clery Act and provide a public daily crime log, but without a proper way of sorting through incident reports, it can be time-consuming to stay compliant.

Incident reports are still sorted manually to determine which ones fall under the Clery Act. With Trackforce, an officer can file a report online and quickly select if the incident falls under Clery Act compliance or not. Trackforce automatically groups the reports into Clery vs. non-Clery and reports are then sent directly to recipients, without needing to sort and send paper reports. All report templates come fully customizable and are easy to use.

2. Visitor Management

Trackforce’s visitor management feature streamlines access control to dormitories, and other sensitive areas, to screen against unwanted visitors. It eliminates paper logbooks and captures visitor data online. Dormitory staff can customize visitor profiles so that parents, and other visitors, can get through quicker. And if there is an emergency or evacuation, security officers can get real-time access to visitor lists to ensure that everyone is accounted.

3. Real-Time Geolocation & Security Officer Dispatch

Routine guard tours are a must on every campus. As security officers are regularly patrolling, it can be challenging to locate an officer in case of an incident that needs immediate attention. With Trackforce, managers can track and locate security officers anywhere on campus using GPS and NFC technologies. Managers can see the status of the officer and know if they are available for dispatching, and how far away they are from the incident.

4. Security Training & Compliance

Campus security measures are always changing, so it is essential that everyone from security officers to campus staff is appropriately trained to ensure contract compliance. Trackforce lets you see who has yet to complete training ensuring everyone completes the required training promptly. Security officers and other staff members can watch all mandatory videos or read training materials and complete a test at the end making sure that all information was retained.

5. Live Dashboard to Monitor Security Situations

Our fully customizable dashboard displays everything from incidents to daily activities in real time giving faculty leadership a clear view of the campus security situation at all times. Managers can analyze which locations require a stronger security presence based on historical and real-time data. Used by security teams of educational institutions across the globe, the dashboard provides actionable insights so that students, faculty, staff, and visitors are safe.

As schools continued to make national headlines over the year, campus security across the county are preparing for the upcoming school season. Campus security must be well equipped as they are in charge of the safety of thousands of students and faculty. Trackforce offers solutions that help security teams stay on top of their duties and be more productive. Don’t wait, contact us or request a demo today.