Our Vice President of Customer Success, Manuel Mestré, alongside our Customer Support Specialist, Moisés Padilla, talk about how a workforce management solution can instantly improve operations for hospitality security. Read on to learn what the two security veterans have to say.

What can you tell us about what makes hospitality security different than security in other sectors? Where does Trackforce Valiant fit into the puzzle?

Security in the hospitality industry is known for emphasizing one thing – providing an exceptional guest experience. Being part of the service as a whole, and rarely as a department in and of ourselves, security teams know to be hidden and carefree when a relaxing environment is invoked. When is the last time a guest can say they remember seeing hotel security inside of a hotel, restaurant, or amusement park? In these types of environments, security is strategically placed in areas where there is assessed risk or threat. The same thing can be said for cruise lines and airlines. Security should be invisible until needed.
That said, there are other situation where guests will be around areas susceptible to threats, like at a parking structure, a lonely hallway between guest and common areas, or outside during entertainment. These environments naturally call for highly professional security. And that’s the challenge – the balancing act in keeping spaces safe at all times while ensuring security is invisible or visible, when needed.

Trackforce Valiant is the security workforce management system that’s highly customizable to meet the hospitality industry’s requirements. From incident reporting, managing guard tours in parking structures to managing visitors during event and workforce scheduling, Trackforce Valiant can be customized to fit the bill. Better yet, many features of the platform are used across both security and other non-security related employees, such as housekeeping and maintenance staff.

You mention that hospitality security teams are part of a whole – in what ways has the security mindset shifted toward a holistic approach within the hospitality industry?

It has always been this way. Security is always a reluctant, but necessary, part of leisure. Just like a party you might throw at your house; if it’s just a few people, you probably don’t need it, but if you are expecting dozens or hundreds of people, security is likely required. And even then, only the minimum necessary. Likewise, many executives in the hospitality industry don’t think about hotel safety and security until an issue is likely to occur or has occurred already. But again, they are not the focus; the focus is on the customer and his perception. Providing the customer with the most pleasant experience possible – that is the goal. This requires careful balance and coordination from all teams, and a keen eye to foresee issues before they happen. Knowledge, communication, response time, situational awareness, direction; all of these, and more, can benefit from a comprehensive security workforce management solution. Trackforce Valiant ensures the highest level of customizations to meet all of the fast moving hospitality industry’s needs.

What can the hospitality industry gain from using a comprehensive security workforce management solution like Trackforce Valiant?

The Trackforce Valiant solution is highly known for its attention to the security industry and to security teams – for good reason. There is no system out there that is tailored-made to the problem plaguing hospitality – and other industries for that matter – than Trackforce Valiant. Not to say this lightly, but the ability to have customizable solutions fit your business is astonishing. It’s one thing to have a system great for guard tours, reporting, dispatching, lone worker, visitor management and more, and it’s another to have Trackforce Valiant. When we mean customization, we talk about scalability, flexibility, and adaptability. Those in the hospitality industry who may have strict reporting requirements, for example, rely on our solution to recreate any requirement that’s needed to maintain and meet compliance and insurance regulation.

The industry also benefits in Trackforce Valiant’s adaptability to be used across different departments, in addition to hospitality security – this completes the holistic viewpoint that hospitality security executives and managers work to instill. One forward-thinking solution we’ve seen our system used for is in the management of janitorial, maintenance, and housekeeping. This industry knows that these are the unsung heroes of hospitality that include the management of many people completing many tasks. To comprehensively manage people working in these types of roles, we’ve found that the hospitality industry needs software that can isolate each department to give precise direction, but that will also allow for effective communications across departments and essential task and incident escalation in one centralized location.

Luckily for hospitality security executives and managers, this is exactly what Trackforce Valiant has to offer. Virtually all personnel can use the system for greater communication and efficacy.

What about costs? What insights can you advise a security manager about the costs associated with security and workforce management?

Like any other investment, executives and managers need to prove their ROI. And spending long hours overseeing whether or not security officers filed the right report on incident “A” or if security teams documented their time clocks correctly before the completion of a pay period never ends with a positive ROI. It’s been known that hospitality executives who use disparate systems spend more time and effort gathering data to make smarter, more informed decisions. Trackforce Valiant is ahead of its field with real-time data, reporting, security guard and workforce tracking, visitor management, and fully-automated processes. Plus, the data received from daily activities are accessible in a customizable dashboard, allowing for executives to make informed decisions backed by data.

Automation is key in the hospitality industry and Trackforce Valiant’s fully automated solution has saved security operations up to 80% in time wasted gathering data and following up on misfiled pending reports, to name a few things. By automating processes like DAR and incident reporting, employee time and labor management, and more, hospitality security executives have made more informed holistic safety and security decisions.

The bottom line is that cost is a less of a concern when executives understand the risk in not having a system like Trackforce Valiant.

About Manuel and Moisés:

Manuel Mestré, VP of Customer Success
Before joining Trackforce Valiant, Manuel spent over 10 years with G4S where he held multiple management roles. When not delighting Trackforce Valiant customers he spends time with his family pets.

Moisés Padilla, Customer Support Specialist
Almost 10 years with Allied Universal as a technical project manager where he was tasked with implementing Trackforce. In his free time, he organizes his collection of over 700 classic board games so that he can enjoy them with his family.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Trackforce Valiant can help your industry, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable experts or request a demo to see it in action.

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