Trackforce Valiant Beats Out Competition for Coveted ASTORS Award

Trackforce Valiant is the winner of the 2019 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards for best security workforce management platform.

In a satisfying end-of-the-year accomplishment, Trackforce Valiant – the word’s most comprehensive security workforce management system – proudly holds the honor of winning the 2019 ASTORS award for best security workforce management software.

The company has worked hard in creating a platform tailor-made for the security industry’s needs. After Trackforce’s acquisition of Valiant Systems, an HR, Payroll, and Time and Labor Management company, the newly formed duo – Trackforce Valiant – now fully supports all elements any security company needs to conduct compliant and efficient business.

A Force Behind Business Efficiency

Working to create solutions for security companies, the Trackforce Valiant platform is a one-stop shop when it comes to optimizing operations and increasing profitability. The company’s forward-thinking approach to the security industry ensures that all business processes are handled by one system that includes security officer management, payroll and billing, and business intelligence.

Tailor-Made for the Industry

Organizations can have peace-of-mind comprehensive operations management from start to finish. Trackforce Valiant platform easily enables automation of every aspect of your operations – from onboarding clients and employees, to building a schedule, to managing guards’ daily activities.

The Trackforce Valiant team is proud to hold this year’s ASTORS award for best security workforce management platform!

Trackforce Valiant already implements solutions for clients such as G4S, Whelan Security, SecurAmerica, McKesson Corporation, and Inter-Con Security Systems among many others. Contact our knowledgeable sales team to learn how the award-winning Trackforce Valiant platform can help manage your security workforce.