These uncertain times call for all of us to work together and find ways to minimize impact, stop the spread of this pandemic, and leverage our tools to get through this.

To help you maintain productivity while minimizing risk to your employees, your managers and your clients, here are a list of several key features of the Trackforce platform.

Remote communication

Keep your team informed and maintain consistent communication in times of need:

  • Command Center (GSOC): A Command Center will give you a global view of your entire security operation while being remote.
  • Push-to-talk: It’s a fast and secure way to communicate, and part of the Trackforce app.
  • Tour alerts and reports: Monitor guard activity from any location by getting alerts in real-time for tour checkpoints and incident reports.
  • Certified messages: Get notified immediately when important messages are received and read by your officers.

Client Visibility

If your clients cannot be on site, but your security team still is, you can leverage our platform to provide them with visibility and peace of mind.

  • Real-time updates to post orders: Deliver real-time post updates that will ensure your officers are always up-to-date. Receive confirmation alerts once post orders are read and accepted.
  • Visitor management with the help of NFC badges: Send updates to visitor manifests in real time limiting the number of visitors. To further reduce physical contact, leverage visitor badges supporting NFC technology to check in/out visitors.
  • Update clients in real time: To keep your clients informed of the security situation and to provide them with the extra visibility they need, make use of a live client dashboard.

Employee Safety and Protection

When you are operating a remote staff in these uncertain times, resources may be limited:

  • Lone Worker Protection: Trackforce Valiant has the ability to immediately notify you if a lone worker is in distress or needs assistance.
  • Geolocation: In using the Command Center, you always know where your guards are during regular guard tours or a post, ensuring your people are never truly alone when working a post or out in the field.

So remember – in a time when we need to connect remotely, these are all solutions and features that exist today with Trackforce Valiant m-Post and Post applications that can help you build a more connected workforce. If you have questions on how or would like us to explain anything in detail, please contact us.

The Trackforce Valiant Team

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