It takes many moving parts to make a security guard business work. Making sure sites are staffed, guards are doing their jobs, and that your business is compliant can quickly become overwhelming. Trackforce, the leading security workforce management platform has acquired Valiant Solutions Inc., a provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) software. Trackforce Valiant is now the world’s largest security workforce management platform.

Building on a pedigree and industry knowledge of physical security, Trackforce Valiant is a purpose-built solution that addresses the needs of security guard companies worldwide. Trackforce Valiant’s front-line and back-office solutions take care of the heavy lifting for you. While you focus on delivering security services, Trackforce Valiant will focus on everything else: Human Resource, Time-Labor Management, Billing and Payroll, Guarding and Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Massive Benefits for the Security Industry

From tracking guard tours to managing visitors and incident reports, Post and m-Post applications ensure your guards on the front-line can efficiently perform their daily tasks while providing actionable insights to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance business efficiencies. The fully automated back-office environment increases productivity, saves time on operational and HR processes, and optimizes the management and utilization of all security employees with mobile and desktop applications. All the shift data and hours worked by each security guard is easily tracked then processed by an intelligent back-office management platform minimizing the payroll processing time for all security personnel.

Supervisors Have Intelligent Technology at their Fingertips

Supervisors are empowered with intelligence-driven technology fed by data captured by guards while on the frontline. This helps them effectively manage more customer sites and assets while maintaining a high standard of service. A unified front-line and back-office management system ultimately allows users to manage and track not only who is assigned to each site but any security officer activity with an unmatched level of vigilance.

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Benefits for Security Company Customers:

  • Delivers the only all-in-one solution for security workforce management – One platform providing organizations with comprehensive operations management from start to finish
  • Enables automation of every aspect of your operations – from onboarding clients and employees, to building a schedule, to managing guards’ daily activities
  • Gives you a better way to operate smarter – combining people, process and technology in a seamless solution
  • Provides a single source of truth to help you gain intelligence and report on how you can improve and ultimately grow your business

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