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Centralize Security Operations; Adapt for a Shifting Future

Security for the hospitality industry is faced with operational challenges; and as situations arise in a new normal, one thing is clear – protecting guest safety and peace-of-mind will still be a priority. A security workforce management system can help teams adapt to shifting security requirements with ease – and can tailor team action to meet any security need at scale.

Essential Solutions for Guest Safety and Operational Efficiency

In the wake of the recent events across the world, there is an increased focus on how to properly adapt security operations to ensure safety, security, and limit exposure. For Security management, the ability to build strategies to ensure control and visibility over people, process, and technology is becoming a new reality.

Key Performance Indicators

Visibility and Control

Creating an operation whereby people process and Technology are built around visibility into your data and events requires leveraging automation and communication to control and mitigate risk.

Asset Management

Data Integrity and Analysis

Controlling and analyzing security operations data from within your team provides you with proper insight to improve operations and transfer knowledge across properties, regions, and beyond.

Mitigation and Compliance Risk

Ensuring and mitigating your team’s risk requires adherence to fair labor compliance standards, workplace safety, and proper training and response throughout your locations.

Future-Proofing Guest, Visitor, and Property Security and Safety – The Smart Way

Building a Culture of Visibility and Control

In every other aspect of your business, you invest in technology to help you improve your business. Security should be no different.

Having a solution that promotes visibility and control through real-time data analysis will provide you with the insights to make better, faster decisions, drive the direction of your in-house and contracted security teams, and improve operations, guest safety, and visitor management through better reporting, and faster response.

Data Integrity and Analysis

By having your own solution for security management, you are able to own the “single source of truth” within your organization.

No matter what your long term contracting plans are, the data will always remain within your four walls, enabling you to do more with the data, access all the relevant trends and insights and build in risk mitigation strategies based on deep analysis of your operations.

Reducing Compliance Risk

Knowing the full story of what goes on during the course of every shift, post, tour and location requires a solution that will track incidents and events throughout the business, as well as give you real-time insight and alerts.

Taking ownership over your security management system ensures you are in control of enforcing the wage, labor, and compliance standards that you need to adhere to when you manage the entire security operation.

Experience Future-Proof Adaptability and Scalability – The Trackforce Valiant Way

Trackforce Valiant’s Solutions are Scalable, Adaptable, and Tailored to the Hospitality Industry
Our solution is well-trusted by leading hospitality organizations around the world. Our security workforce management software is customizable, adaptable, and scalable to 1 to 1,000s of properties and can provide accurate, real-time data on security activities carried out by security teams. Coupled with our powerful mobile guarding features, hospitality companies have found modern solutions fit for their teams, using real-time monitoring linked with NFC, QR, or geolocation technologies.

Real-Time Incident and Workforce Activities

Trackforce Valiant’s security operations software is a central, one-stop-shop access point for ensuring accurate communications, procedures, and personnel information across security teams for all properties (nationally or globally). The live dashboard displays critical operational information such as lone worker alerts, ongoing late/missed shifts, incidents, and workforce documentation. A command center enables management to monitor the security situation and unify threat analysis across multiple properties.

Communicate Response-Ready Protocols

Sending general or even critical information across all departmental channels is the highlight of Trackforce Valiant’s platform. Our clients have used our push-to-talk, one-to-one, and mass instant messaging capabilities to communicate task changes, incident emergencies, and other essential information across security departments regionally or globally.

Up-to-Date Workforce Trainings and Certifications

Trackforce Valiant’s solutions are scalable and adaptable to fit various industry requirements. Our training and certification modules have helped security supervisors identify expiring certifications ahead of time and maintain online documentation of employee and security personnel credentials. The system sends you automated alerts that allow for supervisors to collect, retain, and organize training records online, maintaining compliance to industry or contract requirements.

Hospitality Features
Guard Tour System Monitor guard tours in real time. Instantly know the status of each tour – When it is in progress, when it is complete, and if any checkpoints have been missed. Learn More
Time and Attendance Tracking Accurately track time and attendance for error-free payroll processing, labor law compliance, and insights into productivity. Learn More
Command Center (GSOC) Gain a real-time aerial map view of your security guards and operations across multiple sites. Learn More
Daily Activity and Incident Reporting Create customizable security guard reports to streamline communications between all stakeholders. Learn More
Real-Time Dashboard Fully customizable real-time dashboard giving you a unified view of guard activities throughout multiple sites. Learn More
Real-Time Dashboard Fully customizable real-time dashboard giving you a unified view of guard activities throughout multiple sites. Learn More
Visitor Management Customize visitor profiles, create badges and get real-time access to visitors lists for review or emergency alerts. Learn More
Post Orders Distribute workforce instructions and make changes in real time, always ensuring correct procedures are followed. Learn More

Trackforce Valiant Solutions: Recommended and Trusted Security Operations

When staff, managers, and security officers alike can communicate effectively while upholding business continuity,
risk is mitigated and overall safety is enhanced for guests and employees.

Trackforce Valiant is the security workforce management system that’s highly customizable to meet the hospitality industry’s requirements. From incident reporting, managing guard tours in parking structures to managing visitors during event and workforce scheduling, Trackforce Valiant can be customized to fit the bill.
– Manuel Mestré, VP of Customer Success, Europe

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Software Serving Hospitality Safety and Security Needs



Web-based application built to streamline workforce operations. Perfect for stationary workers, such as front-desk personnel or security.

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Guard Tours


Mobile app to better guide and manage the on-the-go workforce. Essential for the security team or workforce on the move from task to task or site to site.

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Customizable Solutions for Security Workforce Management

Trackforce solutions are built to improve your operations and are fully customizable to meet your requirements.

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