Do you know what keeps security execs and business owners up at night? It’s the possibility that your security guards are not doing their job. After all, who wants security guards that you paid and assigned for duty who aren’t actually working?

Instead, security company owners and security professionals should expect they are getting the most out of their security guards, ensuring that assets and people are protected. That’s where a security guard tour system comes in handy.

With a system, you can rely on advanced guard tour software to streamline your security processes and tasks. But with more than one guard tour control system on the market, it’s important to know what to look for to find the right fit. Here are five key aspects worth considering when you’re looking for the best guard tour software:

1. Ease-of-Use

Your security guard tour system should make it easier for your security guards to get the job done. So, make sure you’re selecting a user-friendly patrol system that embraces simplicity. A guard tour system should guide security guards step-by-step through their tasks, helping them to finish their shifts more efficiently. For example, your guards can use Trackforce’s m-Post to navigate their guard tours.

2. Real-Time Access

The guard tour system you choose should provide you with the ability to share, collect and update data in real-time. That’s why seeking out a system with real-time capabilities is essential if you want peace-of-mind that security guards are doing their job. You’ll take advantage of real-time updates for security guard checkpoints, daily activity and incident reports and instant notifications in the event of a potential security issue. For instance, your security guards can use the m-Post app from Trackforce to easily communicate with other guards or security managers via text and push-to-talk, with enhanced media like images or videos. Trackforce provides you with geo-location tracking so you always know where your guards are located. The app also enables real-time notifications to alert guards of any issues that may occur.

3. Reliability

It’s important to ensure the guard tour system you choose offers reliable service to keep communication flowing and important data updated. Make sure the system you choose is available offline in case the Wi-Fi or network goes down, such as in an underground location. Security guards can use Trackforce’s m-Post app to continuing performing all their duties since the app submits data to the system once an internet connection is re-established. A reliable system like Trackforce also helps you to track incomplete or pending guard tours. It can also measure performance accurately since guards can’t take short cuts and skip out on important information.

4. Customization

Each site and property has its own, unique security needs. So, it’s important to look for a guard tour system that provides a level of customization. It’s important that you have the capability to customize your guard tour software to make sure it meets all your security needs. For example, you can upload building floor plans into Trackforce’s secure drive to customize each tour. This makes it simple to organize your tours by each site so that your security guards can find where they need to go and complete their tours with ease. This capability also makes it simple to customize your reports to take care of specific security concerns.

5. Accessibility

Consider a system that integrates several types of added-value features into a single platform for easy accessibility and convenience. For instance, you can take advantage of several of Trackforce’s features from one central platform, including activity tracking and incident reports, task assignment and attendance and time tracking. The system makes it simple to customize reports, track key performance indicators (KPIs) and even compare potential threats among different sites from the live, customizable dashboard.

Find the Right System with Trackforce

Finding the right guard tour system doesn’t have to be a challenge. The next time you’re searching for guard tour software, use this quick guide to find the best system to meet your needs. Request a demo today.