Lone Worker Protection is Now Available on GuardTek m-Post

By December 12, 2014 Software No Comments

Equip your security team with GuardTek and make employee safety a priority! Lone Worker Protection technology is now available on m-Post.  (Previously, only available on GuardTek Patrol.) The Lone Worker Protection technology provides solitary officers with assistance notifications for emergencies. These notification alerts are triggered by falls, device impacts, and other variables. This feature can help if your lone worker falls and can’t signal for help. Lone Worker Protection provides peace of mind to individual workers and stakeholders alike.

Administrators can determine what actions should be taken if the Lone Worker Protection alert is activated. A silent alarm can be setup to signal a dispatcher for help in case of emergency. GPS data is used to locate outdoor workers and NFC tags can be used for indoor workers. Administrators may choose to set up a “man down” alert that is triggered by a predetermined period of inaction or a device impact. With the Lone Worker Protection feature, administrators can run tests remotely to make sure the device is working properly.

Lone workers can also initiate their own timer-based protection alert when entering a potentially dangerous area or risk zone. If a guard does not de-activate his/her timer-based alarm in time, a pre-designated administrator can be notified. All data captured in with the Lone Worker Protection function will be stored in the GuardTek logbook for accurate recordkeeping. The Lone Worker Protection module helps lower the risk and liability for industries with lone worker requirements.


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