Trackforce Introduces CARES, our Client Success Program

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Trackforce, a software company who specializes in web-based and mobile app platforms to optimize the management of physical security services, is leading the industry in client support.  Currently we offer no-cost support, free deployment training, unlimited software updates, no annual maintenance fees and cost-effective device-based subscription pricing.  To better help our clients grow their business as well as create strong client success relationships, Trackforce is introducing a new program called CARES.

Existing GuardTek subscribers will be given a designated Client Success Specialist (CSS) who will monitor, manage and mentor each client throughout their relationship with Trackforce. In addition, each CSS will provide enhanced support through a series of informative web and email campaigns, new database tools and interactive events.

CARES is a construct of five words that express the commitment each of our CSS agents makes to our clients.  These words define the level of effort we undertake to educate, empower and improve the experience of our subscribers.


Amidst the variety of ways to connect, the telephone is the most popular source of help at 61%, followed by email at 60% (eConsultancy). We are increasing the tempo of customer communication through regular calls and emails to check-in and see how you are doing and how we can help.


The more we understand about our clients, the better we can anticipate needs and address any complications. We strive to know exactly who our clients are, about their business, how it runs and how we can best foster the most successful use of Trackforce products and services.


Trackforce promises to respond quickly and effectively to all client requests for assistance. Security is 24/7 and we are committed to providing the highest quality service when you need us most.  This will help ensure that our clients can keep their clients happy.


Each client will be given a dedicated CSS.  Although the entire Client Success Team is available to help, engaging in meaningful collaboration creates trust. We want to earn our client’s loyalty and help them grow their business.


Success of the Trackforce CARES Project will be measured by customer satisfaction. We will ask for feedback, suggestions and recommendations.  Only by actively listening can we know what we can provide to help clients achieve their strategic objectives.

To drive the success of our CARES Project, we rely on the commitment and experience of our Client Success Team.  Recently we changed the name of our group from Customer Support to Client Success.  This is more than just a change of words, it expresses the caring commitment we make to our clients.


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