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Dirk Jones the former managing director of Servest Security is now the managing director of Trackforce South Africa. Trackforce is the leading provider, in the management of security officers, with the most advanced security software system in South Africa today.

The software is a web based platform with a cell phone App integration and NFC/GPS tracking. The data collection App is downloaded from the Google Play Store and can be used on any Android cell phone or tablet with NFC (Near Field Communication). The app is used by a security officer to gather data into the system. The security monitoring software is cloud based which make it easy to access and no interaction with the customers IT system is needed. The system is primarily use as a security management tool.

The functionality of the software is as follows:

Data collection and automatic reporting Web based Occurrence Book GPS and NFC tag tracking of security officers, push to talk communication, panic button visitor registration, booking on and off duty of officers, site instructions and SLA’s Emergency functions.

Data collection and automatic reporting

Trackforce software increases the speed and accuracy with which a property owner can manage a facility. The software is flexible in the gathering of data through forms which can be created by the admin user. These forms can be completed by the security officer with access to the system on a cell phone or tablet. The types of forms that can be created are lighting, lift and maintenance, lost and found, incident, accident, fire, health and safety, most facility reports can be created and once filled in, can be automatically stored in the online Occurrence book for future viewing or emailing. If the system is used throughout a property portfolio all reports can be standardized.

The security officer can take a photo or video at the time of gathering the data into a report and these photos and videos are automatically placed into the report in the correct relevant position. The reports can be viewed or emailed daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and in a graph format if required.

Web based Occurrence Book

The online real time OB can be populated both through the cell phone and web page system. All information is stored in the cloud and can be viewed or emailed automatically.

GuardTek Post Web based Occurrence BookGPS and NFC tag tracking of security officers

The officers are tracked at the monitoring centre by GPS or NFC tagging in real time. When an officer is scheduled to go on a patrol and when he tags the tag with the back of the cell phone then a predetermined message appears on the screen instructing the officer to perform certain functions. At tag 1 the officer could be instructed to complete a lighting report or take a photo/video of a locked gate. Once the officer has completed the task at tag 1 the photo/video or report will automatically and immediately be visible in the monitoring centre. At all times the monitoring centre can monitor the officer’s movements and tag 2 the officer can received new instructions. There is no limit to the number of tags or reports which can be scanned in a patrol. Once a patrol has been completed an automatic email can be sent to the relevant manager.

Push to talk

The officer can communicate with the control centre by using the push to talk function.

Panic button

The system has several ways of notifying the monitoring centre of an emergency, Firstly, the officer can press the panic button on the system, secondly he can shake the cell phone and the panic will count down if he does not respond then a panic will be sent and lastly there is a timer based panic alert.

Visitor registration

Visitors can be pre-registered or registered on the system through the web based software. Tenant list can also be added into the system to allow speedy access. All visitors’ details are automatically saved in the online OB.

GPS and NFC tag tracking of security officers S15 wDesktop mPostBooking officers on and of duty

Officers can be booked on and off duty on the system and the property company can receive a monthly officer attendance report automatically.

Site instructions and SLA’s

All site instructions can be loaded onto the system and all officers can view new procedures on the cell phones or tablets immediately. Patrol routes can also be loaded on the system. A change in procedure can be sent to the cell phone app automatically.

Emergency functions

On the cell phone app an officer simply presses the emergency function and a list of predetermined emergencies will appear, any type of emergency can be loaded by the property company. If a fire breaks out the officer presses the fire emergency and he has the option to take a photo or write a message or simply press send. The message is automatically sent via SMS or email or both to as many numbers or emails that have been loaded on the system to receive that type of emergency.

SMS’s and emails can be set up to be sent to different people depending on the emergency. A+

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