How Trackforce Can Help Your Security Operation Respond to Increased Threat Levels


An increase in a security threat level for any organization, regardless of the size, is a serious event, and it’s one that will likely require a specific set of actions and tactics on the part of the security personnel. A robust security software platform, like the GuardTek™ solution from Trackforce™, will allow an operation to seamlessly perform the necessary steps to ensure their guards and the client they protect are ready to meet the increased threat level.

For most government and private organizations, threat levels are generally organized into five separate levels. Those levels are as follows:

  • Low–An attack/threat is unlikely
  • Moderate–An attack/threat is possible but not likely
  • Substantial–An attack/threat is a strong possibility
  • Severe–An attack/threat is highly likely
  • Critical–An attack/threat is imminent

For many private organizations that employ threat levels such as these, there’s no real specific set of parameters that dictate which threat level is appropriate for the specific situation. Oftentimes a change in the threat level is based on a variety of factors that are impossible to list. The point of this article is to stress that a change in threat level will require a change in the operational tactics of the security force. Trackforce™ and the GuardTek™ solution will make that change as swift and seamless as possible.

It’s important to understand that “threat levels” generally refer to a more broad range of activity, whereas threat “response levels” usually refer to specific sites. A good security operation will have a number of site-specific response measures in place, and these measures should be directly relative to the current threat level.

Low and moderate threat levels will generally require little or no change in the response level, and as such, the duties of the security personnel will not likely change. Guards will likely engage in routine protective security measures, and the site-specific security measures will remain “routine.”

However, a substantial or heightened security threat level will likely induce a heightened security response level. Additional and substantial security measures will likely be employed by the security provider. Specific tactics and additional measures will vary based on the specific business, but will likely take into account a number of factors, including geographical vulnerabilities and decisions regarding “acceptable risks.”

A critical threat level will necessitate the most drastic changes/increases in security measures. Maximum protective measures will likely be employed to ensure that specific threats are accounted for and the site/organization is exposed to minimum risks and vulnerabilities.

Even if your organization has not increased its threat level, it’s a good idea to regularly review and assess the risks that are specific to the site(s) you manage or protect. Regular security meetings will allow security personnel and client administrators to review potential threats and make changes to the standard operating procedures before a threat presents itself.

Perhaps the most valuable tool, though, that an organization can employ is a state of the art security software platform like GuardTek™ from Trackforce™. The features available through GuardTek™ make transitioning threat levels quick and seamless. All parties involved will receive instant communication updates and know exactly what their role is in the increased threat level.

As we just mentioned, communication with staff is one of the most vital components of a smooth transition from one threat level to another. It is vital that personnel are briefed on their roles and responsibilities. With the GuardTek™ m-Post and Patrol products, notifications can be sent instantly to officers in the field. Detailed floor plans and patrol routes can be sent instantly to guards’ mobile devices, ensuring that every inch of a site is covered during times of increased threat levels. This instant switch in threat level among field officers will set the pace for the rest of the operation, and the result will be a smooth and efficient transition.

Guard personnel isn’t the only people that need to be deeply embedded in the communication loop during an increase in threat level. The client or organization being guarded is equally as important. The GuardTek™ solution provides for outstanding communication with client administrators. Reports can be generated instantly so the organization knows where it stands, security-wise, at any given time. This ensures that the personnel the security company has been hired to protect is 100% in the loop regarding the threat level and situation.

Those reports can be viewed as often as needed, even in times of lower threat levels. This allows gaps in security coverage to be identified before they become major issues. Trends can be studied and site procedures can be adjusted accordingly for each threat level.

An increase in threat level will call for an increase in personnel accountability. The visitor management feature available through GuardTek™’s online platform will eliminate messy paper logs and capture all visitor information instantly. Guards and administrators will be able to instantly track and manage all visitors to a specific property, ensuring maximum safety and security. All of this information can be accessed in real-time, and in the event of an emergency, it can be printed to aid in evacuations.

In the event of an increased threat level, client and visitor lists can be entered into the GuardTek™ system ahead of time. This will make screening visitors more efficient and accurate. Approval can be granted to certain security personnel so that instant permission can be granted to certain types of visitors.

An increase in threat level may necessitate that all personnel be required to wear badges. The GuardTek™ solution provides a means of issuing professional security badges to all personnel in a timely manner. This keeps the organization running smoothly and professionally, even in periods where anxiety may be running high. This level of professionalism will reassure clients and can help the overall mentality of the organization during heightened threat periods.

An increase in threat level will usually mean an increase in security staffing needs. With the GuardTek™ solution’s ability to easily integrate with other systems like HR and staffing, personnel needs are easily achieved with virtually no extra effort.

An increase in an organization’s threat level is a serious occurrence. However, it doesn’t have to be an occurrence that’s full of anxiety and chaos. With a solid security management platform like GuardTek™ from Trackforce™, security personnel and their clients can rest assured knowing that they’ll have the technology and support to make their threat level transition as smooth and professional as possible. Contact Trackforce™ today to see how to take your organization’s security support to the next level.