Inspections & Quality Assurance

Supervisors responsible for site inspections can utilize a comprehensive set of features on a smartphone platform to effectively manage officer compliance and performance.

GuardTek Inspector

Security supervisors can use GuardTek’s Inspector solution to effectively monitor your workforce for quality assurance. Supervisors can use the features in the system to easily gauge compliance per site and per inspection. Receive complete reports or streamline your review process by receiving only the discrepancies.

Inspection reports can be completed in the field using your smartphone, tablet or GuardTek compatible device. Include pictures, notes, and signatures in reports for a more detailed account of the inspection. All reports will be stored in a central online database for safekeeping and can easily be exported to PDF or excel for trend analysis and performance evaluation. GuardTek solutions are designed to effectively improve both productivity and service quality.


Define corrective actions for problems found during an inspection. The GuardTek Inspector solution uses Boolean logic and provides customized if/then scenarios for each inspection report. Issues can resolved expediently and administrators can be notified in real-time. Administrators can make scored templates for tests automatically grading tests in the field. Test evaluations will be logged and discrepancies can be flagged.

Products That Have This Function

GuardTek Inspector

GuardTek Inspector

Mobile application for producing officer performance reports.