How a Security Company Can Use a Security Operation Software to Win Property Management Business

With the level of fully configurable and customizable technology offered by Trackforce™, it’s no wonder that property management companies are asking for products like GuardTek. The benefits provided by Trackforce™ and its GuardTek suite can provide a security company with the levels of accountability, efficiency and cutting edge technology that any property management business would love to have. It can increase productivity, accountability and response time during emergency situations.  It can also cut down on the expenses associated with traditional paper record keeping, and it’s healthy for the environment!

Whether you’re a property management firm looking for a security company with the best technology or a security company looking to win new clients in the property management industry, what follows is a quick look at some of the benefits Trackforce™ and its products can offer.

Integration with the Maintenance Department

It’s bound to happen.  The lights on 9th floor start to malfunction so somebody calls maintenance.  Maintenance then spends five minutes trying to get a description from someone on the phone as to what’s actually going on, then they load up what they hope are the right tools to fix the problem and head up, only to get there and realize they don’t have the right tools for the job.

Back down they go.

Trackforce™ software can be used by a property’s maintenance department to make sure malfunctions and system outages are reported and repaired as fast as possible. The ability to record information real-time, like photographing damaged or inoperable property, allows the maintenance team to quickly and accurately respond to repair situations without wasting time on guesswork or even locating the problem in the first place. Common maintenance issues like lights going out or elevator malfunctions can automatically be sent to the maintenance department, reducing the overall downtime and in some cases, the likelihood of an accident. Furthermore, the same timely notification and response can apply to a property’s janitorial department as well, reducing the time that frustrating messes like plumbing issues impact the building.

Visitor Management

The online GuardTek platform and its visitor management applications represent one of the most dynamic features (and biggest selling points) for property management uses. All visitors to a property can easily be identified, tracked and managed in seconds, and the clutter that comes with a paper visitor log system is a thing of the past. Photos and information of every person that steps into the building are stored in a database and that info can be disseminated to all administrators and officers on the site. The security threats that come with unwanted visitors are eliminated, and the customization and scheduling capabilities of the software make for a seamless experience when VIPs or larger groups arrive on site. Security officers are provided access to real-time visitor lists and management, allowing administrators to view visitor info and run reports on hours of attendance, the number of visitors and repeat visits. In the event of an emergency or evacuation situation, all visitor information can be exported and printed.

Show Service Delivery

Property management companies, especially those with hefty management portfolios, are likely to take a close look at any investment opportunities.  If those opportunities don’t promise some benefit or return on their investment, there’s a good chance that prospective investment is going to stay on the boardroom table gathering dust. Like many other services associated with property management, security is an investment, and property management businesses will likely need reassurance from time to time that their money is being well spent. With the GuardTek solution, supervisors can monitor their guards in real time for quality assurance. Compliance reports can easily be generated and shared as necessary. Inspections can easily be done in the field using most mobile technology installed with GuardTek software. Pictures, notes, and signatures can all be captured and stored in a database, to be shared with the client as necessary.

Automatic Daily Reports

Detailed reports of guard activities are captured in real time using the GuardTek software, and all information can be consolidated into one centralized view. Once again, this function virtually eliminates messy paper trails. All reporting events and activities are easily exported so that security supervisors and property management companies alike can gain insight into guard activity and analyze trends. Scheduling and shift duties can all be looked at in one location so that adjustments can be made as necessary, maximizing the efficiency and productivity of the security team.  Giving stakeholders access to these reports can help build trust and credibility in the security operation.

Green Technology

Sure, all of that automation and paper elimination cuts down on clutter and the frustration that comes with trying to manage it, but more than that it makes Trackforce™ and GuardTek software green technology.  In today’s business world, with everyone focusing on the environment, anything with the word “green” in it is going to catch the attention of potential clients.  That means that when pitching to security companies and property management companies alike, Trackforce™ is a seriously attractive investment as it will boost your LEED rating.  And it’s good for the planet, too.

Litigation Protection

The level of detail in the reporting capabilities of the GuardTek software means that companies are protected in the event of a potentially costly litigation. Pictures, videos, GPS, timestamps, and signatures are all captured by the software and can be used to show what did or didn’t happen during any events in question.

Trackforce™ and its GuardTek software have many selling points. Their applications provide a wide range of functions for security operations that can help to increase productivity, reduce costs, eliminate errors and promote communication across an entire organization. Trackforce™ has tools that are fully customizable, so it doesn’t matter if a property management company is managing one business or a hundred, the operation can function at optimum capability. If you’re interested in seeing how your portfolio management can be enhanced by the GuardTek solution, Trackforce™ is happy to conduct live demonstrations in order to highlight all of these features.

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