Trackforce has an open API, allowing you to connect with other applications

The Importance of Having a Security Operations System with an Open API

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Some say that rules are meant to broken (or at least bent a little).

Few business elements benefit from this concept more than the software used in daily operations. The Application Program Interface (API) used in building software is simply the set of rules and protocols associated with that specific software. If those rules and protocols are set in stone then that particular piece of software won’t play well with others. That’s why it’s important to utilize open API software applications where you can in your operation. Read More

Read this interview with a Trackforce expert

Ask The Security Expert: From Guardtek Administrator to Trusted Customer Advisor (Second Part)

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Read the second part of Moises Padilla interview, a Customer Success team member at Trackforce with over 10 years of experience in the security industry.

He started as a security officer and worked his way up to Manager, Supervisor, Project Manager for Technology and was a senior person for one of the now largest guard companies in North America. His role in technology sourcing led him to be a System Administrator for Trackforce’ Guardtek application and eventually hired by Trackforce to part be part of our Customer Success Team.

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Download Trackforce Case Study: Avoiding Fines, Protecting Brand and Adhering to The Safety Act

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In this case study, we talked to 3C Security, a privately held security firm with a 7,000+ security team, providing services across the United States. 3C specializes in securing residential complexes, government buildings, healthcare facilities, higher education, commercial businesses and construction. They shared their perspective on how they saved money, improved their brand and met Safety Act requirements through the use of Trackforce´s security operations and workforce management technology, GuardTek.


How a Security Company Can Use a Security Operation Software to Win Property Management Business

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With the level of fully configurable and customizable technology offered by Trackforce™, it’s no wonder that property management companies are asking for products like GuardTek. The benefits provided by Trackforce™ and its GuardTek suite can provide a security company with the levels of accountability, efficiency and cutting edge technology that any property management business would love to have. It can increase productivity, accountability and response time during emergency situations.  It can also cut down on the expenses associated with traditional paper record keeping, and it’s healthy for the environment! Read More

Why it’s Important to Use Technology to Track Guards

Why it’s Important to Use Technology to Track Guards

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Not so long ago the technology available for tracking the actions of security assets and their guard tour consisted of a spiral bound notebook, a checklist on a clipboard and the honor system. Guards would patrol their designated areas and check off the designated items on their list throughout their shift–check this door, this fence line, ensure the roof hatch is secure, etc. Read More

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