Trackforce Introduces CARES, our Client Success Program

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Trackforce, a software company who specializes in web-based and mobile app platforms to optimize the management of physical security services, is leading the industry in client support.  Currently we offer no-cost support, free deployment training, unlimited software updates, no annual maintenance fees and cost-effective device-based subscription pricing.  To better help our clients grow their business as well as create strong client success relationships, Trackforce is introducing a new program called CARES.

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First international Airport Security Contract in North America for Trackforce

First international Airport Security Contract in North America for Trackforce

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Trackforce, specializing in web-based and mobile application platforms to optimize operational management of security services, is pleased to announce that we have secured our first international airport contract in America. Through the Screening Partnership Program, TSA allows private security companies the opportunity to provide security screening services to TSA. Trackforce President and CEO Guirchaume Abitbol explains “we have been operating in aviation security for 7 years in the European market and are excited to bring our experience and expertise to airport security operations in the US”.

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Enhanced Geolocation Feature from Trackforce

Guard Tour Reporting Software Now Enhanced with Geolocation Feature

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In the latest version of Trackforce’s officer management software suite, GuardTek V3.5, we have enabled a GPS location feature for Activity and Incident Reports. Security Managers and Administrators can now view and download detailed geolocation information of guard tours and patrols like coordinates and a satellite map documenting the exact location of the reporting activity. This new GPS feature is displayed in the Logbook Event Detail and included in any exported PDF. It also appears in the Full Detailed Logbook PDF Export

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Guard Tour System

5 Reasons to Upgrade your Guard Tour System

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It’s winter, an excellent time to deal with broken pipes.

Reasons to Upgrade your Guard Tour System

Leave the paper behind and switch to a data-driven guard tour software solution.

The transition from old tech to new can be challenging, but it’s time to toss out the broken pipes and make the switch from paper – where you’ve been – to real-time software and a data-driven solution – where you need to be.  Sure, there are costs, but the effort required to turn around the proverbial battleship and the commitment to get-it-now-rather-than-later pays off at several levels and in real dollars.

Reason #1 – Make Your Money Work Smarter

How much time do you spend every day, every week, staring at data that tells you what you didn’t fix or can’t go back and change? When you multiply your bill rate or your aggregate staffing cost per hour by the number of hours spent doing repetitive, administrative tasks, the pain-to-reward equation is an easy hurdle to get over.

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GuardTek Logo Grey

The New Version of GuardTek is Now Live!

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The new GuardTek 3.5 user interface is clean, streamlined and inviting. To address customers’ increased UI expectations, we removed barriers and added icons to make your experience more pleasant and productive.

Some of the new features include:

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