The Power of Connection: How Client-Freelancer Relationships Can Grow a Business—and Change a Life (re-post)

SAN DIEGO, March 1, 2017 – Connections between people have been widely recognized as one of the most powerful contributors to an individual’s happiness. At Upwork, we are also greatly aware of, and focused on, how creating the right relationships can be powerful for both clients and freelancers.
In thinking about the Upwork community and how so many people do great work together, we wanted to find out more about these connections. Last year, we asked clients and freelancers around the world to share their stories about how specific partnerships are making a difference in their work and personal lives.
The results were inspiring. One entrepreneur wasn’t sure they could bring their business idea to life until they found a web development agency who put everything within reach. A freelancer found amazing clients who ended up becoming mentors. Many clients and freelancers built such a strong link, they say they feel like family without ever meeting in person.
One story stood out right away—not just for the respect between the client and freelancer, or the results they are achieving together, but for the impact that work has had on the freelancer’s future plans.

“Upwork has changed my life,” said John Carlos Pecitas. “I work really hard and can tell my clients respect me.”
Knocked down by the failure of his first business, working with clients through Upwork has helped John gain confidence not just that he can succeed but that he can use that success to empower others. He’s now expanding his freelance business on Upwork and building an agency of his own.
We met John through his client Dara Feldman, the marketing director of Trackforce, a California-based web and mobile security operations and workforce management software company. Dara, who works with multiple freelancers on the Upwork website to support Trackforce’s international business, shared how impactful her connection with John has been since they met—not least because he’s identified more than 10,000 quality sales leads.
Dara originally hired John, who lives in the Philippines, to help identify and qualify customer leads ahead of industry trade shows and sales events. He quickly earned Dara’s respect for his ability to deliver quality and thorough work efficiently. Knowing she could depend on John, Dara sent other projects his way.
While Dara and John had never spoken by phone or even via video, they still felt they had a rewarding relationship; Dara thinks it’s because they are supportive colleagues working toward a shared goal. As part of winning the contest, Upwork flew Dara to the Philippines so the two could meet in person.
It was beyond exciting to be a part their meeting and see how that genuine connection of mutual respect transcends from online to in person!
Every day, it seems productivity and outcomes are pushed as the main objectives in the workplace—and they are important. But as John and Dara’s story shows, results don’t have to mean losing out on connecting with people.
At Upwork, we know companies, agencies, and freelancers are helping each other every minute of every day. Yet we also know the connections people make can mean more than action items and to-dos. We all help this community excel and grow—that’s why so many people let us know how much it means to their business and lives that they’ve found such great talent and opportunity through the Upwork website.


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