New updates on Post and m-Post:

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– New “Change password” feature

– Users with temporary passwords will now be prompted on m-post to change it.
– Tours with iBeacon checkpoints

  • iBeacons are wireless tags similar to NFC tags but emit their signal at a greater distance and are always on. IBeacons will work with any device supporting the Bluetooth Low Energy technology (almost every Android device from Android 4.4) and will allow officers to perform tours without having to scan individual tags. Tags are automatically registered when officers pass by (at a distance ranging between 1 and 100 meters or 3 to 300 feet).

– Tour incidents are now displayed while in tour

  • If a Tour incident/DAR entry is registered during a tour, it’ll show up on the touring screen in m-Post.

– Videos are now included in Post Orders
– Visitors check-in forms may now contain Signature, Custom List and ImageCanvas field type
– Signature drawing size is now slightly bigger in report forms



– New options:

  • The account settings are now able to hide the list of revisions which have been added recently to activity reports (this applies to all account reports on web, email and PDF=

– Videos on the “unread post orders” are now playable

– The ability to reorder big lists on the new custom list editor page has been improved:

  • A drag and drop option allows the reordering of lines (move items by clicking on the “handle” at the left each item)
  • Added move to top/bottom buttons
  • Moved the “new entry” form to the bottom to help speed entry creation