The Top 10 Needs of Security Operations and Officer Management

Security Operations and Officer Management tools are such a broad space that it is very difficult to determine what an end user and guard company should look for in a system. Sourcing the right application and related company to suit your needs is always paramount but looking to the future and how the vendor will partner with your company and help realize your vision is equally important.

Below is a top 10 list of the many requirements from a historical and recent feedback from our thousands of end users. This is not a finite list as security services is always morphing and adding services but it does provide a snapshot into what the industry is asking for today.

  1. Lone Worker and Geolocation – Many of our customers have locations that require immediate response and tools if a single employee, guard or tenant etc. is in danger, threatened or injured. A quick call to action functionality that within arm’s reach should always be present.
  2. Easy Onboarding and Setup – Too many applications take days and sometimes months to train and get going. A system needs to have the templates to get going fast and ease of use for users that sometimes have little to no experience with computers and smart phones.
  3. Ability to Integrate – Every customer is different and applications in the security space need to ensure they have an open API to connect to any number of systems. Ensure a true web application and native app on your smart phone and the ability to integrate to access controls, video systems, maintenance or fire controls systems etc.
  4. Customization – Not changing the source code but moreover a high level of configuration – if an end user wants to build unique forms or fields or even a custom area in the system, then there should be the inherent tech and flexibility to allow this.
  5. Advanced Report and KPI’s – Making key decisions based on data as opposed to anecdotal information is standard nowadays. Ensure the application has a robust reporting tool and can deliver information in real time to the required stakeholders.
  6. Dispatching and Notifications – Managing your resources and ensuring you can respond quickly and efficiently is more important every day. Look for fully integrated dispatching from the dispatcher to the responder via a smart phone.
  7. Training and Certification – Adhering to compliance and avoiding the risk of litigation can be addressed through ongoing training and certification. A well-trained team enables an efficient and well-run operation.
  8. Local and Global Support – If you have issues, the last thing you want to do is wait for someone overseas or out of country to call or email you. 24/7 Global support and local offices allows for a better user experience and staying power for an application for the long run.
  9. Incident Reporting – Not just the ability for officers or guards to report incidents but what about your employees, end users and tenants. A move to towards a fully integrated Guard Service / End User / Citizen model is the way of the future.
  10. Guard Tour and Post Orders – This is the standard for any solution. The day-to-day activities of patrols and guard force activities will always be required.



If you are looking to source an Officer or Guard Management Application, look again at what you are currently using or looking to expand our application, please contact us directly at (845) 474-0033 or email us at to and we will assist you to decide what is the best way to approach your needs. In Trackforce we also work with you on the implementation and customization of Guardtek in your company to make it much more easy.