First international Airport Security Contract in North America for Trackforce

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First international Airport Security Contract in North America for Trackforce

Trackforce, specializing in web-based and mobile application platforms to optimize operational management of security services, is pleased to announce that we have secured our first international airport contract in America. Through the Screening Partnership Program, TSA allows private security companies the opportunity to provide security screening services to TSA. Trackforce President and CEO Guirchaume Abitbol explains “we have been operating in aviation security for 7 years in the European market and are excited to bring our experience and expertise to airport security operations in the US”.

Primarily our role is focused around the airport security screening process, providing accurate and real time tracking of security officers and the screening process itself. Using the security operations software suite GuardTek, supervisors will be able to track staff in real time, a key element in providing comprehensive airport security.  The software monitors the time security officers spend at screening (x-ray) to ensure enough time is spent to keep their credentials. In addition, the software application is connected to the waiting time calculation system to allow for the appropriate amount of personnel dispatched based on the queue and expected passenger flow.

In January of this year Trackforce announced Airport Security and Quality Control updates to our GuardTek software suite.  The updated features help security supervisors collect, organize First international Airport Security Contract in North America for Trackforceand retain training compliance and detailed history for teams in the aviation security industry. With regulatory training requirements constantly changing and varying re-certification intervals, GuardTek allows supervisors to keep accurate data of all training and re-certification needs. Training sessions can be scheduled within the module per site and resources can easily be enrolled in existing training sessions through the platform.

Trackforce and the GuardTek software suite ensure that stakeholders and supervisors can see what is happening in real time, make adjustments that improve security and the passenger experience and can stay abreast of regulatory training requirements in the aviation security industry.

More specific information regarding airport location and contract details to come.

For more information on the GuardTek Airport Security and Quality Control features, contact us for a demo.

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