Custom Task Templates Updated on m-Post and Patrol

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Task Request responses can now be customized to fulfill security operational needs and/or client’s reporting requirements through the use of Custom Task Templates in GuardTek.

A Task is a detailed list of the duties and actions an officer is required to complete in order to perform their job successfully.  Like most other emergency response occupations, it is imperative for Patrol Officers to be knowledgeable of the duties and tasks needed to perform their job.

In GuardTek Post, Trackforce’s web-based officer management system, dispatchers can assign tasks to officers in the field from a tablet or desktop.  Using distance, estimated drive times and availability, dispatchers can select the optimal officer for the task and send a Task Request.  An officer is then able to accept or deny the request that he or she received in real-time on their Sonim or Android device using GuardTek Patrol or GuardTek m-Post, Trackforce’s feature rich mobile applications for real-time security operations management.  Whether it’s an alarm response or a medical emergency, dispatchers are able to track the task and officer response with the GuardTek technology, which displays tracking, progress and completion status in real-time.

There are two versions of Custom Task Templates a dispatcher can send, depending on which device the officer is using to receive the Task:

  • Android – Full Activity Report – This newly updated  feature is available on the GuardTek m-Post application on m-Post compatible devices (Android smartphones and tablets). With this comprehensive template your officers will be presented with a detailed form onto which they are able to meet management and/or client expectations in terms of reporting information.

Screenshots of Full Activity Report on GuardTek m-Post

  • Somin – Simple Text + Picture – This template can be found on the GuardTek Patrol application on Sonim devices and allows officers to report their task completion with a single text report and a picture.

Please feel free to contact our technical support team with any questions you may have.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the new feature!

The Technical Team

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